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Medical Treatment and Emergency Calls



Doctor's surgeries are the first place to go in Germany for medical care. You can choose freely which doctor you want to consult. An overview of all doctors can be found in the telephone book or online on the "white list". 
Should you prefer a doctor who is fluent in foreign languages, you can look up a doctor on the list of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung.
If you have a German statutory health insurance, you will be treated without having to pay in advance. If you have a private health insurance, you will have to pay the doctor's bill and hand it in to your private health insurance company. If you need medical help and all doctor's surgeries are closed, you can consult the medical standby service:
Klinikstraße 33
35392 Giessen
Phone: 0641 - 45091


In case of emergency please call 
112    Medical emergencies and fire brigade
110    Police


Your doctor might hospitalize you in case of serious injuries or illness. You can only be hospitalized without having seen a doctor in case of emergency. There are three hospitals in Giessen: 


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