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Regional Public Transport

In Giessen buses of all lines leave every 15 or 30 minutes until midnight.  
Giessen town buses also connect districts like Rödgen, Wieseck, Klein-Linden, Allendorf, and Lützellinden as well as surrounding communities like Wettenberg and Heuchelheim with Giessen. A university loop line (buses no. 10) connects university facilities. An overview of fares, networks and timetables can be found on the web pages of the Stadtwerke Gießen
For longer distances we recommend the web pages of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund and of Deutsche Bahn.

Individual Transport

VW Käfer

If you come to Giessen with your own car, you must possess a valid national driving licence which in some cases has to be translated into German. You can drive around in Germany with your national driving licence for half a year, you will then have to prolong this period for another 6 months by applying for prolongation. Please remember: an international driving licence (often acquired without a driving test) is no substitute for your national driving licence. 
Please contact the local authority for driving licences for details:
Führerscheinstelle Giessen:
Bachweg 9
35398 Giessen
Tel.: 0641 / 9390 2290
Fax: 0641 / 9390 2259


If you cannot come to Giessen with your own car, you can still occasionally use a car by making use of car sharing schemes. You will sign a contract with the local car sharing company, pay a security guarantee which you will get back when returning the car, pay an initial fee and a low monthly rate. From now on you only pay for the time and kilometres you really drive the car.    

Car Rental

Another way of being able to drive a car from time to time is to hire a car for a day out, for example. Giessen has several car rental companies. Check them out for the best offer.