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Slavic Studies

Master of Arts (M.A.)




Duration of studies

4 semesters - 120 Credits Points


Study programme structure

The Master's programme in Slavic Studies consists of:

  • a major in Slavic Studies (80 CP) and
  • an internship or AfK module (10 CP)

(AfK = Extracurricular Copetences)


The degree programme qualifies students for a wide variety of professions in business, publishing, public employers, the media, etc.


Major in Slavic Studies

In the major in Slavic Studies, you will study Slavic literary studies and Slavic linguistics in depth. The aspect of practical language training is of particular importance here.

The following languages are offered as the first Slavic language:
  • Russian Studies/Russian
  • Polish Studies/Polish
  • Bohemian Studies/Czech

The following languages are offered as the second Slavic language:

  • Russian Studies/Russian
  • Polish Studies/Polish
  • Bohemian Studies/Czech
  • Ukrainian/Ukrainian
  • Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

(The second Slavic language must not be identical with the first Slavic language).


An internship or AfK module prepares students for the professional world.




Start of study

Winter semester only


Admission requirements

Admission requires the completion of a Bachelor's degree programme or a comparable qualification in which at least 40 CP have been acquired in the field of Slavic studies. The degree programmes Teacher Training at Secondary Schools, Teacher Training at Grammar Schools and Teacher Training at Vocational Schools are also recognised, provided that a Slavic language was studied as a subject with a pass.

The examination board may recognise other courses of study as equivalent after examining each individual case.

Admission may be subject to the condition of additional study achievements to catch up on the required knowledge to the extent of up to 30 CP, proof of which must be provided within the first two semesters.


Application / Enrolment

  • The degree programme is not subject to admission restrictions.
  • The enrolment period for the winter semester begins at the beginning of June.
  • The end of the enrolment period is determined anew each year, please enquire in the application portal during the enrolment period.


Information for outgoing students

Information and consultation


Information for incoming students

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