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1. Being at the Centre

At Giessen, you and your work take centre stage. Our Graduate Centres offer you exactly what you need: plenty of freedom with tailor-made support.

Scholarship comes from people. That is why a Graduate Centre is not first and foremost a building or a structure; rather, the Centres are the people writing their doctorate here, getting involved, researching and teaching. This is why you are at the centre of our Centres. A lot of people and a unique supervision concept are there for you, so that you can give your best: Your supervisors, many other dedicated professors and post-docs, top-class visiting scholars, the Graduate Centres’ teams, and, of course, all the other doctoral students. At the Centres you will always be able to find support when you need it. Our structures follow this maxim, too; they offer guidance but allow the freedom that excellent research needs. For that reason, there are no graduate schools at Giessen, but centres – with you at their hearts.