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3. A Doctorate with a System

A clear direction brings the necessary energy: Supported by our holistic and systematic research training programme, you are able to do your doctorate successfully and without further ado.

Doctoral students are not amateurs. And yet, a doctorate presents you with many new challenges. The Graduate Centres offer specific courses for every phase of the doctorate, and systematic programmes of workshops and events provide tailor-made support: From foundation courses to preparing for your defence, our research training programmes offer practical help in organising, planning and carrying out your doctoral research. Practical courses explain the finer points of academic writing, for example, or help you prepare for your first international conference. Research workshops, master classes or conferences with renowned international scholars ensure that you are up to date with current research, and give you the chance to discuss your ideas with leading academics. This also benefits your doctoral project which always comes first: Constructive feedback from supervisors, post-docs and your peers can be gained in colloquia and retreats, and, moreover, for any question you may have it is easy to find the right person to ask. This holistic and systematic supervision concept ensures that you can gain your doctorate successfully and in time.