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5. A Doctorate with Conference and Publication Experience

Gaining experience at conferences and in publishing your work is crucial for young academics, since this is what makes your work visible. Giessen makes it possible for you to take this first step early on.

Successful research is a result of exchange, and needs critical discourse. This is why one of the researcher’s most important tasks is to present his or her findings to the public – at conferences and symposia and in academic publications. This can often be a great challenge, and at the same time one of the most rewarding experiences: holding that first article in your hands, receiving praise after a talk. Such success fuels motivation for taking the next stage of your research project.
In Giessen, comprehensive assistance in presenting your work is available through numerous workshops and coachings for academic writing and presenting at conferences. When doing a doctorate at Giessen, you will be able to make great contacts and a good name for yourself early on.