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Robin Schmieder

About me

Robin Schmieder is a doctoral researcher and videographer at the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture and the International PhD Programme for literary and cultural studies at Justus Liebig University Giessen. In his research project located at the interface of media studies, life writing studies, and narrative theory, he aims to develop a media-specific narratological model for the analysis of vlogs. His particular interest lies in the processes and functions of self-narration constitutive of vlogs and the remediation of other media genres characteristic of them. He has previously presented conference papers on the relation of the attention economy and narrative self-making on YouTube as well as the forms and functions of serial narratives in vlogs. As a lecturer at Justus Liebig University’s department for English he teaches on American literature and culture, film, and narrative theory.


Working Title: How Vlogs Tell Stories – Toward a Narratology and Poetics of New Media Autobiography


Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ansgar Nünning


  • How Lives Come to Matter – Rethinking Mediation and Materiality in Autobiography [Review of: Poletti, Anna: Stories of the Self: Life Writing after the Book. New York: New York University Press, 2020.]. In: KULT_online 63 (2021).

  • With Jennifer Kiesewetter: Dystopian Realities. Investigating the Perception of and Interaction with Surveillance Practices. In: On_Culture: The Open Journal for the Study of Culture 6 (2018). 
  • 'Putting the ‘I‘ in Advertisable – On the Relation of the Attention Economy and Narrative Self-Making in Vlogs.' 20 September, 2021, Anglistentag 2021, University of Passau.
  • 'Film Now, Live Later – Lejeune’s Brouillons de Soi and the Instability of Identity in YouTube Vlogs.' 28 August, 2020, Narrating Lives: International Conference on Storytelling, (Auto)Biography and (Auto)Ethnography, London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research.
  • 'Dystopian Realities.' 6 July, 2017, Surveillance Cultures, International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture, Justus Liebig University Giessen.

Research Interests
  • Transmedial Narratology
  • Remediation
  • Life Writing Studies
  • Representations of Surveillance in Popular Culture
  • Speculative Fiction
  • 'Ethnographic Tools in the EFLC: Exploring US American Culture(s).' Winter 2021. Department of English, JLU Giessen.
  • ‘New Perspectives in Cultural Learning.’ Summer 2021. Department of English, JLU Giessen.
  • ‘Teaching Speculative Fiction across Media.’ Winter 2020. Department of English, JLU Giessen.
  • ‘Teaching Film Literary.’ Summer 2020. Department of English, JLU Giessen.
  • ‘Stories across Media: An Introduction to Transmedial Narratology.’ Winter 2019. Department of English, JLU Giessen, with Dr. Alexander Scherr.
  • ‘Tutorial: Introduction to TEFL.’ Winter 2017 and 2019. Department of English, JLU Giessen.
  • International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture
  • International PhD Programme Literary and Cultural Studies
  • Research Area 2: Cultural Narratologies (Co-Speaker)
  • Research Area 5: Media and Multiliteracies
  • AG Moving Images
  • TechAG: Fremdsprachenlehren/-lernen mit digitalen Distributions- und Kommunikationsmedien (GGK Section 8)
  • Mitmission e.V.