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SiegMUN 2022



Our delegation has had the honor and the privilege to participate at this years SiegMUN 2022, our 17 delegates took part in three committees:

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the International Labor Organization.

We supported the conference with two chairs. In total our delegates got 8 prizes awarded for their outstanding performance.


United Nations General Assembly



The UNGA Committee at SiegMUN 2022 : This was the biggest committee in presence with over 50 countries present and voting. The committee voted to begin with the topic of ensuring youth's access to education and employment. Over the three days of the conference debates and speeches were held, working papers and draft resolutions were written and finally voted upon. There even were some disputes started by the Russian Federation regarding the ongoing war.

Of our delegation Shaeel Ali as Japan, Isabel Reukauf as The People's Republic of China, Emily Mörler as the Republic of Afghanistan, Maren Arabin as the United States of America, Hannah Kelly as the republic of Mauritius, Jannis Jansen as the United Mexican States and Siavash Moeini as the Russian Federation took part in these negotiations and disputes.

The following delegates were awarded and recognized with best and outstanding delegate awards marking their involvement and role in their committee with Siavash Moeini, Maren Arabin and Emily Mörler each receiving one.


    Siavash Moeini as the Russian Federation

    Maren Arabin as the United States of America

    Emily Mörler as the Republic of Afghanistan


International Atomic Energy Agency


The IAEA at SiegMUN 2022: The International Atomic Energy Agency was one of the three Committees hosted in presence at SiegMUN. The first topic which was discussed was Promoting Nuclear Safety and Security in Conflict Zones. After 1.5 days of negotiations and debates, the delegates were able to close the topic with a resolution which was adopted unanimously. During the rest of the second and the third day of the conference, the work of the committee concerned the Safe Use of Nuclear Technology in Medicine. In a race against time, a resolution on this topic was adopted as well, just a few minutes before the official closing ceremony of SiegMUN commenced.

These of our delegates in the IAEA participated: Jonas Hinkel as Japan, Liam Lueders as the Republic of Finland, David Geßner as the United States of America and Lea Kelm as the the Commonwealth of Australia.

In this committee our delegation also received awards for outstanding involvement with Liam Lueders, David Geßner, Jonas Hinkel each receiving an award.

    Liam Lueders as the Republic of Finland

    David Geßner as the United States of America

    Jonas Hinkel as Japan


International Labor organization


The International Labor Organization (ILO): This was the smallest of the committees hosted in presence at SiegMUN with 20 delegations. The committee discussed the topics “Combating Child Labour and Forced Labour” and “Safeguarding the Dignity and Rights of Migrant Workers”. As a small committee, the delegates had many possibilities to give speeches and work intensely on their working papers. For the first topic, the delegates successfully merged two working papers into one, including the ideas and solutions of every nation represented at ILO. Even though they had only the last conference day to work on the second topic, the delegates managed to write and adopt a resolution for this topic as well.

These were our delegates in the ILO: Daniel Krutsch as Japan, Sophia Gromer as the People's Republic of China, Fabian Mirold-Stroh as the Russian Federation, Clara Bühring-Uhle as the French Republic and Selin Hatay as the Republic of Italy.

Daniel Krutsch won both an award for best delegate as well as best position paper.

    Daniel Krutsch as Japan 




We would also like to recognize the great achievements in directing and oversight made by our delegation members Lina Kost in the International Atomic Energy Agency and Christina Bähr in the International Labor Organization. Being a chair takes much effort and engagement, being able to overlook a complex and everchanging dialogue, regulating the topic and ensuring a professional environment requires attention, awareness and great diplomatic skill which these delegates have, again, proven to possess.

    Christina Bähr (far left) and Lina Kost (4th from the right) with the Chairs of SiegMUN 2022.