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Chinese Painting

This page contains all important information about the Chinese Painting Tut!

When and Where

Thursdays, 4 to 6 pm

Room E002 in Phil II

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In this tutorial, we will learn together about the art of painting with ink on rice paper using traditional Chinese techniques developed over a thousand years ago. You will learn to paint the classic subjects that inspired the ancient painters. Since many painters were master calligraphers, you will also learn to paint the basic strokes used in calligraphy to acquire the expressiveness of line that makes a painting energized and eye-catching. Of course, you will be expected to incorporate elements of traditional Chinese painting into your work. We will conceptualize and complete the artwork together.

This process will be the best practice of intercultural research, as well as all this is also an interesting experiment in art education.

The tutorial language will be English.

Your Tutor

Your tutor Xiaoying Zhu lives in Giessen and is currently doing her PhD with a research focus on postmodern art education. Her major during undergraduate and graduate studies was Chinese painting. She has been working as an art teacher in China for many years and is passionate about art.

Since April 2022 she is part of the Tut-Team.


Xiaoying Zhu