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Cultural Cooperation in a Globalized World: The EU’s strategic approach to international cultural relations and its implementation in Mexico as a Strategic Partner (working title) (Edith Ruvalcaba Galindo)

Researcher: Edith Ruvalcaba Galindo
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Andrea Gawrich
Duration: since: 2020


Amid the global and interdependent dynamic of the 21st century, added to transnational challenges currently being faced, the doctoral project aims to deliberate on new -or previously overlooked- ways to contemplate international relations. It approaches the understanding of culture as a key tool in the current global scenario and questions the opportunities bared by the practice of cultural cooperation. Through the International Relations’ theoretical framework, the study focuses on the European Union’s international cultural relations strategy and its engagement with third countries, focusing on Mexico -a EU’s Strategic Partner- as a case study. The research seeks to explore the intersection between International Relations and Cultural Studies in order to contribute to the study of culture within the former.