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If a government or institution is not 51% female, 34% non-white and 4% LGBT it represents a boys club, not the people


Gast: Nathan Fain

Nathan Andrew Fain is a artist [1] and hacker [2] whose work ranges from writing, research, theater and hardware reverse engineering. [PART1] He will present a prelude version of his first solo theater work (a collaboration with Maria Rößler, music by Nils Michael Weishaupt) with the working title “Central Banking is a Marxist Idea”. [PART2] He will also provide an overview of recent works that explore the intersection of technology and social behavior and release to the public for the first time data that clearly predicted 4 years ago the Snowden NSA disclosures. [PART3] Finally, we will discuss his current work exploring gender and racial bias in the technology and debate the reasoning behind the Each part is followed by space for open discussion and contribution by attendees.

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Konzept: Nils M. Weishaupt


von DISKURS'14 – on young performing arts


Bisherige Aufführungen

  • 2.11.2014, Probebühne 2, Schiffenberger Weg 115, Gießen