Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

echoes of you(s)

echoes of you(s) is a collective drift, a temporary dislocation of the subject. It moves inside multi-layered temporalities and durations, leaking away from the present moment to unfold in the imagination of the viewer. Patterns erode away, leaving tenuous traces; they make tunnels across time (I think I’m adrift inside them). In echoes of you(s) Gry Tingskog and Amina Szecsödy weave together sculpture, embroidery, dance, sound and technology. In this meeting of choreography, performance and installation, they explore what happens to our bodies in the dark.

With support from Weld Stockholm, City of Stockholm and Hessian Theatre Academy.

Gry Tingskog and Amina Szecsödy

  • Performance



07.04. - 11.04., Weld Stockholm