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Paola Solis

Paola Solís


  • Feministische politische Ökologie, human – nonhuman agroecological relations, Affekte
  • Dekoloniale Theorien und Methodologien


PhD project: ‘Other ways of farming’: Andean peasant women’s more-than-human agricultural care relations as collective insurgent practices.

The modern/colonial project has material and subjective consequences that are threatening the existence of the pluriverse - e.g. the Andean peasant women’s world – while intensifying agroextractivist interventions. Latin American governments supporting extractivist operations are embracing the economization of nature, against peasant women’s affections. In Peru, peasant women have been considered the target for social welfare programs rather than actors with potential to manage their own economies and political life. Despite policy guidelines, women’s agricultural work is still deemed irrelevant in a world that glorifies monetized flows – a situation that the pandemic COVID-19 has only magnified. Feminists have used the concept of care to underscore unpaid labor’s misrecognition and to rethink