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GGL International

GGL International is our programme for promoting internationality within the GGL. We offer sponsoring for lab rotations and German language courses for our GGL doctoral candidates. Please also check out "Lifeline" our Survival Guide for doctoral researchers of the Life Sciences.

GGL Lifeline




To ease your start into university life at the JLU Giessen and give you an insight into all stages of your doctorate at the GGL, this guidebook serves as a helpful companion giving recommendations for your doctoral work and life. A printed copy can be picked up at our GGL Office. To download the PDF version (5th, latest edition), please click here.


As GGL International draws to a close, we would like to inform you about alternatives and further funding opportunities:

DAAD Project Database (regularly updated by the DAAD)


Funding sources for Lab Rotations and conferences
If you are a GGL member who would like to go on a lab rotation or participate in a conference, you will find more information about funding opportunities here.
Useful links and addresses for new arrivals
Find useful links for international students and new arrivals here.