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Travel Grant Recipients

Name Host Lab Dissertation Topic

Simon Becher

Section 8 - Chemical Design and Analysis of Molecular Systems

FELIX Laboratory, Nijmegen, Netherlands Structural investigations of biomolecules using an optimized MS ultraviolet Photodissoziation setup

Vannuruswamy Garikapati

Section 1 - Nutrition and Metabolism

School of Pharmacy and Department of Chemistry
Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Mass spectrometry imgaing for the study of lipid metabolism connected to the peroxisome/PPAR system

Wiebke Hansen

Section 9 - Ecology and Global Change

Department of Evironmental and Life Sciences, Karlstad, Sweden Conservation and restoration of the biodiversity of mountain meadows in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve - Management of the invasive perennial Lupinus polyphyllus in a complex system of protected areas

Florian Ulrich Jehn

Section 9 - Ecology and Global Change

Research Group of Professor Dr. Jan Seibert, Hydrology and Climate, Zürich, Switzerland

Automated construction of hydrological models by evolutionary algorithms

Anton George Müller

Section 2 - Infection and Immunity

Kanost Lab, Dept. of Biochem. & Molecular Biophysics, Manhattan, USA Functional Role of Duox in Manduca sexta Gut Immunity

Michael Thomas Waletzko

Section 8 - Chemical Design and Analysis of Molecular Systems

Analytical Chemistry, Uppsala, Sweden Development and application of nanospray desorption electrospray ionization for the examination of biomolecules

Björn Weeser

Section 9 - Ecology and Global Change

Water and Global Change Observatory (OACG), San José, Costa Rica Climate and land use change impacts on hydrological fluxes and soil erosion in tropical mountainous rainforests of Eastern Africa