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Funding sources for Lab Rotations and conferences

If planned thoroughly, lab rotations and participation in academic conferences are highly beneficial for your own work. You get to know new methods, you have a chance to expand your professional as well as your personal network and get to know international organisation structures. We compiled some funding opportunities for lab rotations abroad as well as scholarships for participation in academic conferences, congresses and symposiums abroad.

DAAD scholarships for conferences and lecture journeys
With the congress and lecture journey program of the DAAD active participation of scientists in congresses and lectures abroad will be funded. Therefore, the current scholarly pieces have to contribute to the further scientific development of the scientist.
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Erasmus+: Changing lives. Opening minds.
Erasmus+ allows students, faculty members and university staff with financial support of the EU to gain academic and personal experiences in other European countries. Aspriants benefit from their study abroad or internship opportunities linguistically, culturally and professionally.
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Further Opportunities
Here you can find further funding opportunities for lab rotations or international conferences abroad.
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