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Useful links and addresses for new arrivals

Welcome to Giessen!

Moving to a new place (and especially to a new country!) can be full of exciting experiences and also lots of challenges. Since your time in Gießen does not only revolve around your studies, we're offering you some links you might find useful during your stay.

From these links, you should be able to find valuable information about lfie in Germany, Giessen, and the University.
GGL International

Living in Germany



Gießen Wappen


Uni Hauptgebäude


JLU International Office

The International Office servces all incoming international students of the JLU with a wide range of activities and services including assistance with enrolling in the university, advice on various topics, encursions to different parts of Germany, and many more. See their website below for more details.

Here you will find further useful links if you are coming from outside of Giessen, i.e.

  • Enrolment of Foreign Students
  • Necessary Visits to the Authorities Before and After Arrival.

Here you will find useful information about:

  • Social Events, Workshops, Tutorial
  • The German University System
  • How to Proceed
  • Links to Literature

You can always contact the staff of the International Office for general questions about the university in general or life in Germany!

Goethestr. 58, Room 21


Phone: (49) (0) 641-99-12172
Consulting hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 10:00 am –12:00 (or via appointment)



The Student Union (“Studentenwerk”) Giessen is not just responsible for campus dining and residence halls, it also provides useful information for foreign and German students. On their website, you will find information about jobs available in the area, initial steps after arriving in Giessen, up-coming events and, of course, the weekly menus of the cafeterias.


The WoTuPro Programme

WoToPro Logo

The “Wohnheim Tutoren Proramm” (WoTuPro) is a program offered by foreign tutors mainly for foreign students. They have their offices in different residence halls and answer questions concerning studying in Giessen while also organising social events.