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Teaching Assistantship Idea Competition

An opportunity for young researchers with an international background to gain teaching experience in Germany!


We are happy to announce the restart of the "Teaching Assistantship Programme" (STIBET) within the GGL. 


  • What is STIBET?

The GGL has obtained a grant from the DAAD for young researchers teaching assistantships (STIBET). The aim of these teaching assistantships is to offer international doctoral candidates and postdocs the chance to gather teaching experience which is a key skill if you intend to pursue an academic career. We want to invite you to share your ideas for paid teaching assistantships. Please note that the STIBET programme is designed exclusively for GGL members who have obtained their secondary education and BA degrees (or equivalent) outside of Germany.


  • Why is it great?

All the instructors are just like you. They know what you need because they are in the same place as you are, just a little further along the road. They are already working with methods that you might want to learn. Or they have skills, talents and expertise that they will happily share with you. In any case, there is a fair chance that their courses are exactly what you need because they come from first-hand experience. And if that is not enough to lure you in, you get the added bonus of supporting your fellow students in gaining teaching experience!


  • What do teaching assitants get? 

Firstly, you get the teaching experience which will look very good in your CV. You will also get priority access to didactics training courses that will help you to prepare your teaching project. In this way you will meet other teaching assistants who are also getting ready for their lecture or course und you will have the benefit of this network during the preparation of your teaching project. Secondly, if your teaching proposal gets accepted you will get an honorarium for your work.

  • What kind of Courses Can be offered?

This depends entirely onon your own ideas! Would you like to offer a lab training for first-year GGL members? Do you have software or presentation skills that GGL members might benefit from? Tell us all about it on the submission form!


If you would like to offer a course for GGL members within the STIBET programme, please submit your ideas using our STIBET submission form.