Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

GGL Structure

GGL Board of Directors

The GGL Board is directed by one Director and two Vice-Directors (presently Professors Baumgart-Vogt, Diener, Spengler), representing different participating faculties.


GGL Management Team

Organisation and administration of the GGL is carried out by the GGL Office headed by the GGL Managing Director (Dr. Lorna Lück).


GGL Council

The GGL Council is composed of representatives of the five participating faculties (FB 06, 08, 09, 10, 11) elected by and among GGL members. The Council meets regularly and decides on all central matters of the GGL, such as how the budget is spent, new sections, changes to the GGL Charter etc. The Council also elects the Board of Directors. See who is currently serving on GGL Council.


GGL Study Committee 

The Study Committee evaluates applications and study plans of the GGL and advises the GGL Board.


GGL Sections

The sections represent the different scientific focuses within the GGL. All members of the GGL teaching staff and GGL student members are affiliated with one of the sections according to their own preference. Sections organise the topic-oriented teaching of Curriculum Part B and scientific meetings on their own field of interest.


GGL Charter