Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Information for Supervisors


The International Giessen Graduate Centre for the Life Science (GGL) invites all supervisors to become GGL members, especially if your doctoral candidates are already member of the GGL.                                     You can register here - English or German.


Membership as GGL supervisor means:

  • Active participation in one of several GGL sections
  • Assistance in organizing the section curriculum, e.g. suggestions for guest speakers, contribution of your own expertise, e.g. through lectures or methodology trainings
  • Participation in the retreat of your section giving feedback to the doctoral candidates of the section
  • Once a year - GGL Annual Conference:
    • suggestions for guest speakers
    • observe progress reports of your doctoral candidates (as first or second supervisor)
    • participation in the poster evaluation committee


 If you supervise doctoral candidates, they can apply for a membership of the GGL twice a year (summer and winter semester) to gain access to our interdisciplinary, structured graduate programme.


Benefits of the GGL for supervisors and the JLU:

  • Provides access to an interdisciplinary networking through GGL sections, the GGL annual conference and GGL committees
  • Offers training of research and career related extracurricular skills for your doctoral candidates (e.g. Doctoral Development Programme)
  • Covers training in good science practice for your doctoral candidates (including documentation)
  • Supports in the integration of international doctoral candidates
  • Relieves supervisors in the role of career adviser (e.g. PALS Programme)
  • Provides guidelines and templates for good supervisory practice
  • Delivers feedback on language skills to supervisors that indicate early development needs of supervised doctoral candidates
  • Assists and advises on the selection and recruitment of doctoral candidates (e.g. calls for application, career fairs or the acquisition of scholarships, such as DAAD or CSC)
  • Ensures comparable quality standards across disciplines and independent of doctoral programmes, research associations or individual doctoral programmes
  • Advises on graduate concepts for joint grant applications
  • Takes over the data collection and reporting on graduate education and thus relieves the supervisors and institutions
  • Performs representative functions for the JLU at career fairs, symposia and as part of JLU's internationalization strategy