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Our Doctoral Researchers

Doctoral Researchers 2024

Our Doctoral Researchers 2024

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Surname Name Start GGL
Section Project Title
Asenso Adomako 01-Apr-24 7 Molecular genetic analysis of the creeper trait and the diversity in the German chicken breed Krüper
Bauch Sheila 01-Apr-24 5 Modulation of neutrophils’ functions by sympathetic neurotransmitters in mammals
Chen Sixiang 01-Apr-24 5 Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the chronification of pain in Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS): Investigation of exosomes in seminal plasma from patients and controls
Füzy Isabell 01-Apr-24 4 Responses of retinal microvascular endothelial cells to prolonged exposure of VEGF-A165
Gashi Kujtim 01-Apr-24 7 Towards the integration of perennial Miscanthus strips into arable landscapes: quantifying competition and collaboration with different cultivation options
Grimaldini Tiziana 01-Apr-24 6 Macrophage-epithelial cell interactions in the epididymis during homeostasis and inflammation
Law Declan 01-Apr-24 10 Functional analysis of novel protein regulators of the HIF signalling pathway identified by genome wide screening
Ogungbemi-Alt Victoria 01-Apr-24 2 Controlling plasticity of alveolar macrophages for cell-based therapy in lung injury
Opoku Derrick 01-Apr-24 3 Exploring the impact of dual use of electronic and combustible cigarettes on the onset of emphysema and pulmonary hypertension in mice
Pang Siwei 01-Apr-24 4 The role of C1-1i zinc finger transcription factors in the alternation of generations and the origin of the multicellular sporophyte
Salinas Constanza 01-Apr-24 2 Characterization of NET formation induced by Trypanosoma brucei brucei in bovine and human polymorphonuclear cells (PMN)
Sinada Reem 01-Apr-24 10 Diagnosis and Outcome of Large Colon Displacement in Horses
Stöhr Lasse 01-Apr-24 4 Personalized medicine - therapeutic genome editing for the treatment of RPGR-associated X-linked retinitis pigmentosa
Teppe Laura 01-Apr-24 2 Biocompatibility of printed surfaces
Treis Henrike 01-Apr-24 3 Herne Oxygenase-1: Bridging Antioxidant Defence & Heme Metabolism in COPD
Wang Zhichao 01-Apr-24 2 Regulation of long-non-coding RNA H19 in mesenchymal stromal cells under inflammatory conditions
Wannes Sahar 01-Apr-24 2 Interaction of mesenchymal stem cells with implant associated infections

Doctoral Researchers 2023

Our Doctoral Researchers 2023

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Surname Name Start GGL Section Project Title
Affeldt Sebastian 11-Apr-23 2 Elicitation of antibodies broadly neutralizing the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) using reverse vaccinology
Ahmed Nizam 11-Apr-23 3 Mechanistic analysis of il11ra dependent regenerative reprogramming after cardiac cryoinjury in zebrafish
Akaysoy Sergen 11-Apr-23 2 Characterization of the zinc-metalloprotease activity of Helicobacter pylori HomB and its possible role in driving inflammatory responses
Barth Julian 11-Apr-23 2 Plasmodium falciparum chaperones, co-chaperones and their interaction as a target for drug development
Bendag Slim 02-Okt-23 9 Biofilters in shrimp aquaculture
Bienert Eric 02-Okt-23 3 Elucidating the mechanisms and signaling pathways of regenerative reprogramming after cardiac injury in Danio rerio
Borghesi Cristina 02-Okt-23 7 Development of Sex specifically Linked, Selectable Markers Using Gene Editing Technologies in the Agricultural Pest Ceratitis capitata
Busse Caroline 02-Okt-23 2 Characterisation of Plasmodium berghei Actin-like proteins 3 and 5a
Dasadia Yash 11-Apr-23 3 LC3B interactome in alveolar epithelial cells: Novel insights of autophagy regulation in lung fibrosis
Diers Andrea 02-Okt-23 1 Polyphenol protein interactions and their potential role in the pathogenesis of Celiac Disease
Dietz Theresa 02-Okt-23 4 “Posttranscriptional mechanisms of gene regulation in response to antibiotic exposure or to changes in intracellular SAM concentration
Dörflinger Benedikt 02-Okt-23 10 Sub-lethal apoptotic signalling in neonatal cardiac cells (cardiomyocytes and cardiac fibroblasts) and its role in cardiac regeneration and repair
Fischer Jobst 11-Apr-23 2 Intracellular Eimeria bovis macromeront formation: Unraveling the role and nature of host-bystander cell-interactions
Gockel Fiona 02-Okt-23 4 Biochemical characterization of coronavirus and mesonivirus core replicase complexes
Hubert Tim 02-Okt-23 1 Role of Cofilin in stress response and apoptosis
Huck Michael 11-Apr-23 10 The Role of SOCS1 Mutations in the Pathogenesis of Hodgkin Lymphomas and Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphomas
Jash Sandipan 02-Okt-23 3 Causes and Consequences of Cytochrome c Oxidase (COX) Remodeling in Lung Diseases
Jung Tariq 11-Apr-23 10 Developing a Self-Expanding Hydrogel and Bone Marrow Aspirate Bioink for auricular Tissue Regeneration
Kaur Surmeet 02-Okt-23 2 Immune system-independent mechanisms of hepatic pathogenesis and carcinogenesis in Schistosoma mansoni/Hepatitis B virus (HBV) coinfection
Kreft Daniel 11-Apr-23 7 The microbiome of the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) -Bioremediation of side streams and analysis of frass as organicfertilizer for agriculture.
Krüger Marieke 11-Apr-23 3 Interaction of oncogenic K-Ras and TGFβ-induced transcriptional regulation in epithelial tumor cells
Küster Nina 11-Apr-23 2 Using new genetic tools to elucidate the importance of exported proteins in intra-erythrocytic survival and pathogenesis of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum
Lafee Mahmoud 11-Apr-23 10 Function of urethral brush cell deciphered by genetic models allowing cell type-specific activation
Mitze Fabian 11-Apr-23 9 Water resource management in data-poor regions through participatory monitoring and AI
Mohiuddin T M 11-Apr-23 10 Development of immunotherapeutic approach for effective elimination of ovarian cancer cells by inducing immunogenic cell death
Poudel Bikash 11-Apr-23 9 Development and test of a new stable water isotope model for hydrological research
Rana Mausam 02-Okt-23 3 in vivo reprogramming of non-myocardial cells during cardiac regeneration
Rasheed Khalid 02-Okt-23 4 Function of the MutL State Machine
Sabouri Zahra 02-Okt-23 10 Developing Etiology-Based Biomaterials through Skeletal Characterization of Animal Models
Sanna Adriano 11-Apr-23 10 An epithelial defence program of the gall bladder epithelium orchestrated by tuft cells
Saraogi Shiksha 02-Okt-23 4 Dissection and Controlling the UvrD State Machine
Sarkar Tamal 02-Okt-23 10 Exploring the Mechanistic Relevance of IRE1a for Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Tumor Growth and Chemo resistance
Schmidt Lisa 11-Apr-23 4 Molecular and mechanistic basis for spatiotemporal organization of polar flagella
Seegert Sean 11-Apr-23 2 The role of MAIT cells in lung physiology and pathology
Stettler Frederik 02-Okt-23 2 Mechanisms of hepatic pathogenesis and carcinogenesis in Schistosoma mansoni/hepatitis B virus coinfection
Stoll Jan 11-Apr-23 5 Investigations of the brain inflammatory response in in vitro animal models of Group B Streptococcus disease
Szubert Agata 02-Okt-23 1 Validation of the current and development of data-driven stopping criteria for double-blind placebo-controlled oral food challenges in IgE-mediated food allergic children
Tuffs Christopher 02-Okt-23 10 Impact of metabolic reprogramming in hepatic stellate cells on progression and regression of liver fibrosis
Wang Lei 11-Apr-23 2 Impact of obesity and T cell-mediated immune response on orthodontic-induced inflammatory tooth resorption
Zhang Feipeng 02-Okt-23 7 MaltFungiProtein
Zheng Junwen 11-Apr-23 10 Flowable-ready to use antimicrobial paste to enhance bone healing
Zhou Yuxi 11-Apr-23 2 Impact of Fusobacterium nucleatum on human carcinoma cells

Doctoral Researchers 2022

Our Doctoral Researchers 2022

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Surname Name Start GGL Section Project Title
Abbasi Amin 01-Apr-22 2 Trafficking of proteins to the Parasitophorous Vacuolar Membrane of P. falciparum: Exp1
Aberoumandi Seyed Mohsen 01-Apr-22 6 Use of an orthotopic ovarian carcinoma mouse model to study the influence of Caspase 8 on cell contacts and metastatic behavior
Addo Emmanuel 03-Okt-22 2 Mechanisms of transcript buffering in inflammation
Ajmera Sagar 01-Apr-22 2 Exploring the Fasciola kinome for the discovery of novel drug targets and drug candidates
Alammairih Dima 03-Okt-22 3 Role  of peroxisomes in C22 cells and Primary Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells (HBEpC) on Asthma.
Aufmhof Laura 01-Apr-22 1 Genotype-emission and genotype-feeding interactions for animal health, functional traits and performance in a multi-generational approach
Baehr Leona 01-Apr-22 5 Hyperthermia versus fever after psychological or inflammatory stimulation: investigating heart rate variability as a readout parameter
Becker Fabienne 03-Okt-22 4 The molecular mechanism of Sub2 and Tho1 in mRNP formation and R-loop prevention
Buschhaus Christina 01-Apr-22 2 Einfluss des C-reaktiven Proteins (CRP) auf die immunologische Antwort mononukleärer Leukozyten nach schwerem chirurgischem Trauma
Candoni Martha 03-Okt-22 3 The impact of neonatal hyperoxia on iNOS signaling and consequences in adulthood
Carreiro Maria João 01-Apr-22 2 Project B8RNA viruses: RNA metabolism, host response and pathogenesis
Cilic Anis 01-Apr-22 3 Role of Adenylate Kinase 4 (AK4) in Pulmonary Hypertension
da Silva Juliana 03-Okt-22 9 An analysis of the modification in the structure of Hesse`s orchard meadows based on current and historical aerial data using machine learning and DeepLearning approaches
Dogotari Marcel 01-Apr-22 9 Remote-sensing-based monitoring of plant species relevant to nature conservation and restoration
Dort Franziska 01-Apr-22 2 The role of autophagy, endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-phagy and ER-associated protein degradation (ERAD) in the coronavirus host response
Dusch Alena 03-Okt-22 2 „Metastrongyloid lungworm infections in obligate gastropod (snails, slugs) intermediate hosts and impact on gastropod innate immunity, biochemistry and behaviour“
Egea Zorrilla Alejandro 01-Apr-22 3 Targetting Notch3-Jag1/2 signaling for the treatment of pulmonary fibrosis
Feldotto Martin 01-Apr-22 5 Deciphering the role of microglia in neuroprotective effects of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and their pro-resolving metabolites using organotypic hippocampal slice cultures
Gambhir Prerna 03-Okt-22 2 Molecular mechanisms underlying the devlopment and function of MAIT cells
Garrecht Julian 01-Apr-22 4 400 Million years of faith – how the transcriptional co-regulators LEUNIG and SEUSS became essential regulators of reproductive development in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Hagedorn Frederike 03-Okt-22 10 Developement of a robust real world outcome predictor for DLBCL patients
Hanel Simon 03-Okt-22 2 Regulation of cell size and biosynthesis rates of proteins and nucleic acids as potential biomarkers of IL-1-induced inflammatory processes.
Hofmann Maria 03-Okt-22 10 Systemic effects of the oral pathological spectrum of children and adolescents (0-18 years)  with caries - a pilot study
Itani Nadja 01-Apr-22 3 Novel Molecular Mechanisms in Right Ventricular Hypertrophy and Right Heart Failure
Jung Ahmed 01-Apr-22 10 Finite element simulation of callus biomechanical properties and statistical modelling
Junker Katrin 03-Okt-22 5 Measuring Bird of Prey Eye Motion during Perching and Flight
Kleinhenn Vanessa 01-Apr-22 3 RBPJ and its cofactor FHL-1/KyoT as a key factor for the development and treatment of pulmonary hypertension.
Kryeziu Labinot 01-Apr-22 9 Production, trade and consumption of mealworms in Kosovo – towards a sustainable agricultural value chain
Kryvenko Vitalii 03-Okt-22 10 Molecular mechanisms of hypercapnia-induced downregulation of canonical and non-canonical protein translation pathways in the lung
Lépine Maximilien 03-Okt-22 2 Transcriptome analyses in Borna disease virus 1 infection of accidental dead-end host and reservoir host to unravel main differences in disease outcome
Li Muchen 03-Okt-22 3 Mechanism of mitochondrial redox alterations in acute oxygen sensing of pulmonary vasculature.
Lill Johanna 03-Okt-22 9 Antago Senecio
Nakate Rashmi 01-Apr-22 2 Biomechanics of the Platyhelminth Adhesion, Locomotion and Reproduction
Neelen Christopher 01-Apr-22 2 Hit-to-lead development of selective HBV/HDV entry inhibitors
Nguyen Le Han 01-Apr-22 4 Identification of deeply conserved carpel developement networks
Paikert Hanna 03-Okt-22 9 Identifying the conservation potential of road verges in Hesse using floristic and faunistic diversity in a landscape context
Pauer Svenja 01-Apr-22 5 Enteric organoids as model systems for inflammatory processes in the intestine
Peppler Helke 01-Apr-22 2 Synthetic cytokine gene-regulate networks to reprogram cell-cell communication in infection and inflammation
Quentin Alice 03-Okt-22 1 Bioavailability and functionality of carotenoids from orange juice
Rehnke Laura 03-Okt-22 4 PhD project: Function of microbial effectors in the establishment of beneficial plant symbioses
Santo Noemi 03-Okt-22 9 GreenDairy
Sapehia Vandna 01-Apr-22 3 The role of Smyd2/Runx2 axis in RV hypertrophy and failure
Shafiq Usman 01-Apr-22 10 Computational approach for modeling a 3D vertebrate body by fusion of various imaging
ShahriariFelordi Mahtab 03-Okt-22 3 Investigating the Mesenchymal Niche in Airway Epithelial Regeneration
Sotoodeh Atefi Leila 03-Okt-22 3 Characterization of a newly identified alveolar epithelial type 2 (AT2) sub-population expressing the surface marker PD-L1 and expanded following pneumonectomy (PNX)
Speth Myriam 01-Apr-22 9 Soil carbon and nitrogen dynamics of integrated crop-livestock systems of different intensity
Thakur Nishita 01-Apr-22 9 Development of management zones for the efficient use of resources in cropping systems
Tscharn Franziska 01-Apr-22 9 Influence of organic fertilisation intensity and crop rotation on greenhouse gas emissions (GreenDairy)
Üstüner Sim 03-Okt-22 4 Cell cycle regulation under pattern-triggered immunity
Verma Kamna 01-Apr-22 10 The role of CD155 in Hodgkin lymphoma
Welsch Sophie 01-Apr-22 2 Molecular characterization of two eIF4A helicases of Schistosoma mansoni and their inhibition by natural silvestrol and synthetic rocaglates
Yamdjeu Ornella 01-Apr-22 3 O2-sensing in hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction - Deciphering the molecular  mechanisms with focus on voltage-dependent K+ channels
Zabihi Mahsa 03-Okt-22 3 The Role of Lipofibroblasts in Lung Homeostasis and Disease