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Stress during studies and how to cope with it

Workshop for international students


02.02.2024 von 14:00 bis 16:30 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)


Goethestr. 58, Raum 201

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During the study period, there are numerous sources of stress resulting from the demands of the studies themselves (e.g. exams, difficult/comprehensive material, learning difficulties) or outside the studies (conflicts, e.g. with partner or roommates, work alongside studies, financial worries), which can be significant for all students. International students face further challenges, such as unfamiliar surroundings, homesickness, and concern for family in uncertain countries of origin.
The workshop will identify specific stresses and develop coping strategies. The students will also receive information about further possibilities of counselling and support and when these should be taken advantage of.

Dr. Markus Stingl is a clinical psychologist and active in the training and supervision of students and PhD candiadates. He heads the Trauma Therapy Center at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at UKGM Giessen.

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