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WoTuPro: Speed-Friending

You may know the romantic Speed-Dating, but you've never heard of Speed-Friending!


21.04.2016 von 20:30 bis 23:55 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)


Lokal International, Eichendroffring 111

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Having only a few minutes to get to know someone as good as you can sounds funny to you? - If yes: Join our new special event! It will follow the principles of the commonly known Speed-Dating with tables, candles and stuff, but Speed-Friending is particularly targeting on meeting new people and making friends. While it was originally designed for new students, it doesn't really matter if you have been in Gießen for quite a time, as long as you want to make new friends and have fun.

We'll meet in front of the "Lokal International" building at around 8:30 pm. Don't let this unique chance pass!