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Quantifying spillover effects for biodiversity


28.09.2023 von 14:30 bis 15:30 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)

Wo, conference PIN: 12700

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Dear all,

we are pleased to invite you to a talk by Dr. Amanda Irwin, who is the Head of Environmental and Social Governance Research at FairSupply, Australia, a Lecturer with the Integrated Sustainability Analysis group at the University of Sydney and a visiting scientist of the DAAD project “Interactions of SDGs across Global Value Chains” at ZEU.

Amanda's presentation will focus on quantifying spillover effects for biodiversity, which is an important component of SDG 15 - Life on Land. Biodiversity's multidimensional nature makes it a challenge to measure, and therefore to quantify any losses or gains, even at the locations where it is found. This challenge is magnified when seeking to quantify spillover effects, since we need to be able to connect these losses and gains to activity that takes place in different countries. This seminar will share some insights into how this challenge has been addressed using input-output methodology and the introduction of a metric that quantifies species extinction-risk.