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Prof. Dr. Wencke Gwozdz (English)


Tel.: +49 (0)641 99-39361
+49 (0)641 99-39369


Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

Zeughaus, Raum 327
Senckenbergstraße 3
35390 Gießen

Office hours:
Tuesday, 11-12 Uhr
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Primary research areas

  • Consumer research
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Behavioural economics
  • Health behaviour
  • Social marketing & behaviour change


Offices, functions & memberships

CV (August 2023)


Selected publications


Peer-reviewed articles
  • Wowra, P., Joanes, T., & Gwozdz, W. (2023). In Which Situations Do We Eat? A Diary Study on Eating Situations and Situational Stability. Nutrients, 15(18), Article 18.
  • Nielsen, K. S., Joanes, T., Webb, D., Gupta, S. & Gwozdz, W. (2023). Exploring the psychological characteristics of style and fashion clothing orientations. Journal of Consumer Marketing, (ahead of print)
  • Suarez, A. & Gwozdz, W. (2023). On the relation between monocultures and ecosystem services in the Global South: A review. Biological Conversation, 278.

Selected reports & other publications

  • Joanes, T., & Gwozdz, W. (2024). Verhaltensinterventionen im Wandel: Status Quo und zukünftige Möglichkeiten. ErnährungsUmschau, 71(2): M78-89. Doi: 10.4455/eu.2024.005


Peer-reviewed articles
  • Nielsen, K. S., Brick, C., Hofmann, W., Joanes, T., Lange, F., & Gwozdz, W. (2022). The motivation–impact gap in pro-environmental clothing consumption. Nature Sustainability, 1-4.
  • Rasche, A., Gwozdz, W., Larsen. M. L., & Moon, J. (2022). Which firms leave multi-stakeholder initiatives? An analysis of delisting from the UN Global Compact. Regulation & Governance, 16(1), 309-326.


Peer-reviewed articles

  • Sohn, J., Nielsen, K. S., Birkved, M., Joanes, T., & Gwozdz, W. (2021).The environmental impacts of clothing: Evidence from United States and three European countries. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 27, 2153-2164.


Peer-reviewed articles

  • Thumann, B.F., Börnhorst, C., Ahrens, W., Arvidsson, L., Gwozdz, W., Iguacel, I., Mårild, S., Molnár, D., Rach, S., Russo, P., Tornaritis, M., Veidebaum, T., De Henauw, S. & Michels, N. on behalf of the I. Family consortium (2020). Cross-Sectional and longitudinal associations between psychosocial well-being and cardiometabolic markers in European children and adolescents. Psychosomatic Medicine 82 (8), 764-773.
  • Nielsen, K.S., Stern, P.C., Dietz, T., Gilligan, J.M., van Vuuren, D.P., Figueroa, M.J., Folke, C., Gwozdz, W., Ivanova, D., Reisch, L.A., Vandenbergh, M.P., Wolske, K.S. & Wood, R. (2020). Improving climate change mitigation analysis: A framework for examining feasibility. One Earth, 3 (3), 325-336.
  • Rasche, A., Gwozdz, W., Larsen. M. L., & Moon, J. (2020). Which firms leave multi-stakeholder initiatives? An analysis of delisting from the UN Global Compact. Regulation & Governance. (online first)
  • Gwozdz, W., Reisch, L.A. & Thøgersen, J. (2020). Behaviour change for sustainable consumption. Journal of Consumer Policy, 43, 249-253.
  • Gwozdz, W., Reisch L., Eha, M, Konstabel, K., Kovacs, E., Mendl, E., Mazur, A., Luszczki, E., Hunsberger, M., Eiben, G. & Wolters, M. on behalf of the I. Family consortium (2020). The effect of smileys as motivational incentives on children’s fruit and vegetable choice, consumption and waste: A field experiment in schools in five European countries. Food Policy, 96, 1-15.
  • Joanes, T., Gwozdz, W. & Klöckner, C. (2020). Reducing personal clothing consumption: A cross-cultural validation of the Comprehensive Action Determination Model. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 71, 1-10.
  • Bogl, L.H., Mehlig, K., Ahrens, W., Gwozdz, W., de Henauw, S., Molnar, D., Moreno, L., Pigeot, I., Russo, P., Solea, A., Veidebaum, T., Kaprio, J., Lissner, L. & Hebestreit, A. on behalf of the IDEFICS and I.Family Consortia (2020). Like me, like you – relative importance of peers and siblings on children’s fast food consumption and screen time but not sports club participation depends on age. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 17, 1-11.


Peer-reviewed articles
  • Nie, P., Rammohan, A., Gwozdz, W. & Sousa-Poza, A. (2019). Changes in child nutrition in India: A decomposition approach. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 16 (10), 1815.
  • Gwozdz. W., Nie. P., Sousa-Poza, A., DeHenauw, S., Felső, R., Hebestreit, A., Iguacel, I., Lissner, L., Lauria, F., Page, A., Reisch, L.A., Tornaritis, M., Veidebaum, T., Williams, G. & Foraita, R. (2019). Peer Effects on weight status, dietary behaviour and physical activity among adolescents in Europe: Findings from the I. Family Study. Kyklos, 72 (2), 270-296.
  • Nielsen, K.S., Gwozdz, W. & DeRidder, D. (2019). Unravelling the relationship between trait self-control and subjective well-being: The mediating role of four self-control strategies. Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 706.
  • Gupta, S., Gwozdz, W. & Gentry, J. (2019). The role of style versus fashion orientation on sustainable fashion consumption. Journal of Macromarketing, 39 (2), 188-207.

  • Thumann, B., Börnhorst, C., Michels, N., Veidebaum, T., Solea, A., Reisch, L., Moreno, L. A., Lauria, F., Kaprio, J., Hunsberger, M., Gwozdz, W., Felso, R., De Henauw, S. & Ahrens, W. on behalf of the IDEFICS and I.Family consortia (2019). Cross‐sectional and longitudinal associations between psychosocial well‐being and sleep in European children and adolescents. Journal of Sleep Research, 28 (2), e12783.

Book chapters (peer reviewed)

  • Reisch, L. A. & Gwozdz, W. (2019). Healthy diets as a global sustainable development issue: Reasons, relationships and a recommendation. In: Claire Fenton-Glynn (Ed.). Children´s Rights and Sustainable Development: Interpreting the UNCRC for Future Generations. law. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 2019 (pp. 361-384).

Selected reports & other publications

  • Nielsen, K.S., Gwozdz, W. (2019), Consumer policy recommendations, Stockholm: Mistra Future Fashion, 31 p. (Mistra Future Fashion Report, No. 2019:10)


Peer-reviewed articles
  • Iguacel, I., Fernández-Alvira, J.M., Ahrens, W., Bammann, K., Gwozdz, W., Lissner, L., Michels, N., Reisch, L., Russo, P., Szommer, A., Tornaritis, M., Veidebaum, T., Börnhorst, C., Moreno & L.A. on behalf of the IDEIFICS consortium (2018). Prospective associations between social vulnerabilities and children’s weight status. Results from the IDEFICS study. International Journal of Obesity, 42, 1691-1703.
  • Pedersen, E. & Gwozdz, W. (2018). Exploring the relationship between business model innovation, corporate sustainability, and organisational values. Journal of Business Ethics, 149 (2), 5.2018, p. 267–284.
  • Weinberg, M., Cummins, B., Webb, D. & Gwozdz, W. (2018). Incentivised online panel recruitment and subjective wellbeing: Caveat emptor. Journal of Well-being Assessment, 2 (1), 41-55.
Book chapters (peer reviewed)
  • Gwozdz, W. & Reisch, L.A. (2018). Instruments for assessing the role of commercials on children’s food choices. In: Bammann, K., Lissner, L., Pigeot, I. & Ahrens, W. Instruments for health Surveys in Children and Adolescents. Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland; 2019 (pp. 209-230); Springer Series on Epidemiology and Public Health, Vol.6.
Selected reports & other publications
  • Gwozdz, W., Nielsen, K.S., Gupta, S. & Gentry, J. (2018) The Relationship between fashion and style orientation and well-being. In Conference Proceedings of the Macromarketing Conference 2018: Change between Complexity and Simplicity. Leipzig: Macromarketing Society Inc. 2018, p. 1089-1114.
  • Mueller, T. & Gwozdz, W. (2018). The consumer as (political) agent of change: Possibilities and boundaries for true environmental impact in clothing consumption. In Conference Proceedings of the Macromarketing Conference 2018: Change between Complexity and Simplicity. Leipzig: Macromarketing Society Inc. 2018, p. 230-237.