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Laura Krumm M. Sc.





Senckenbergstraße 3
Room 308
35390 Gießen

Laura Krumm

Laura Krumm has been working as a researcher at the Institue for Consumer Research, Communication and Nutritional Sociology at the JLU Giessen since 2024. She is involved in the EU-funded research project DARWIN, where she does research on the acceptance of food derived from New Genomic Techniques.

Furthermore, Laura Krumm is a Ph.D. fellow at Copenhagen Business School and a member of the Consumer and Behavioral Insights Group (CBIG) at the CBS Sustainability Center since 2019. In her Ph.D. project, she investigates the relationship between pro-environmental behavior and subjective well-being.

Her research interests include climate change mitigation, pro-environmental behavior, consumer and public policy, consumer protection, and well-being.


2024 - today Research assistant at the department of consumer research
2019 - today         PhD fellow at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
2017 Study abroad at Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
2016 - 2019

Master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Business Administration at the University of Cologne

2014 Study abroad at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
2012 - 2016 Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in Business Administration at the University of Cologne