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Stefan Wahlen

Professor of Food SociologyStefan Wahlen

Address: Senckenbergstrasse 3, 35390 Giessen

Telefon: +49 641 99 39310


Twitter: @stefanwahlen

Skype: stefanwahlen

Consultations: Please check profile at stud.ip


Stefan Wahlen is professor of Food Sociology at Giessen University. After studying food and household studies at the University of Bonn he completed his Ph.D. in consumer economics at the University of Helsinki (Finland). Subsequently he worked at the chair for Sociology of Consumption and Households at Wageningen University (the Netherlands). His current research focusses on food culture and eating in the sense of doing food, as well as organisational and socio-political dimensions of food. Stefan is coordinator of the European ERA-net project "FOOdIVERSE", which aims to uncover the role of diversity for a more sustainable and resilient food system. He is member of the steering committee of the "Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative" in Europe (SCORAI-Europe) and editor of the journal "Consumption and Society", published by Bristol University Press.


Research interests

  • socio-cultural food research
  • food culture and food patterns
  • sociology of consumption / food
  • consumer and food politics
  • social (and food) movements and everyday politics



Publications (selection)


A complete list of publications can be found on google scholar, ORCID or researchgate.


Stefan Wahlen, Marie Plessz, Wesley Dean, Kia Ditlevsen, Stergios Magkriotis & Vasco Ramos (2023) Intersectionality and food consumption: a roundtable, Consumption and Society, 2(1), 122-135.
Esther Veen, Stefan Wahlen & Lian Angelino (2023) Exploring everyday food provisioning: the teleoaffectivity of meal sharing, Food and Foodways, 31:1, 22-42,
Francesca Forno & Stefan Wahlen (2022) Environmental activism and everyday life. In: M. Grasso & M. Giugni (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Environmental Movements, Seiten 434-450. New York, Milton Park: Routledge.
Mikko Laamanen, Francesca Forno & Stefan Wahlen (2022) Neo-materialist movement organisations and the matter of scale: scaling through institutions as prefigurative politics?, Journal of Marketing Management,

Marie Plessz & Stefan Wahlen (2022) All practices are shared, but some more than others: Sharedness of social practices and time-use in food consumption. Journal of Consumer Culture, 22 (1): 143-163.


S Wahlen (2018) "Foodsharing": Reflecting on individualized collective action in a collaborative consumption community organisation. In: Contemporary Collaborative Consumption, 57-75.


S Wahlen, S Dubuisson-Quellier (2018) Consumption governance toward more sustainable consumption. Journal of Family & Consumer Sciences, 110 (1), 7-12.





Since 9/2019                       

Professor of Food Sociology at the University of Giessen


2015 - 2019

Assistant Professor at the chair group for Sociology of Consumption and Households at Wageningen University (NL)


2012 - 2015

Lecturer at the chair group for Sociology of Consumption and Households at Wageningen University (NL) (0,4 fte) and education coordinator of the Ph.D. programme in social sciences with around 400 Ph.D. candidates at WASS (0,6 fte)  Wageningen University (The Netherlands)


2007 - 2012

Ph.D. Research at the Chair for Consumer Economics  of the University of Helsinki (Finland)

Title of Dissertation: "Governing Everyday Consumption"


2001 - 2007

Graduate degree in Food and Household Studies at the University of Bonn

With exchanges to the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain (2003-2004) and the University of Helsinki, Finland (2006-2007)


Memberships and positions of trust