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Dr. Stéphanie Domptail

Dr. Stéphanie Domptail

Research profile:

Researcher on human-nature relationships in agricultural socio-ecological systems.

Research foci: Agroecology, Ecological economics, Sustainability, Social and Political ecology, Decolonizing economics of natural resource management.

Research methods: Scenario building, Qualitative analyses, Social metabolism, Bio-economic modeling

Regional expertise: Western Europe, Africa, South America



Room: 303
Phone: +49 (0) 641 99-37042
Institute of Agricultural Policy and Market Research
Senckenbergstraße 3, Zeughaus
35390 Giessen



Scientific projects


  • ELNAC (2022-2025): Enhanced Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management under Accelerated Climate Change: a large landscape social-ecological systems approach. A consortium of German and African Universities investigates community-based natural resource management schemes in the KaZa transboundary park to reduce human-wildlife conflicts. Under the SASSCAL II call, funded by the BMBF.

  • Mt. Elgon (2015-2018): Productivity and biological diversity in the coffee-banana system in the Mt. Elgon Region of Uganda: Establishing Trends, Linkages and Opportunities –A bilateral project between Makerere University and Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany, a grant won from the Volkswagen Foundation, Germany. Senior Postdoc.

  • The Future Okavango (2010-2016)conducted an integrated assessment of the dynamics of ecosystem services provision in the Okavango River Basin. It provided scenarios and options for their sustainable management. Postdoc.
  • BIOTA southern Africa (2004-2010) assessed and monitored biodiversity, biodiversity changes and biodversity management along a transect starting in Cape Town and extending till Rundu in Northern Namibia. Doktoral candidate.
  • IndigenoVeg (2006-2008)


Scientific Career


Since 2020

Researcher-Lecturer, Institute for Agricultural Policy and Market Research, University of Gießen, Germany

Leading the discussion groups:  


Scientific coordinator – International PhD Program in Agricultural Economics, bioeconomy and Rural Development (IPPAE), Institute for Agricultural policy and market research, University of Giessen, Germany

2010-2016 Postdoc researcher in the project ‘The Future Okavango’, Institute for Agricultural policy and market research, University of Giessen, Germany.
2004-2010 Doctoral researcher in the project BIOTA Southern Africa, Institute for Agricultural policy and market research, University of Giessen, Germany.
PhD Thesis: Towards rangeland conservation strategies – Case study and bio-economic modeling of farms in southern Namibia.
2002-2003 Assistant of PhD students and researcher in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), University of Göttingen, Germany. Departments of forestry, agro-ecology and institute for rural development.
2000-2002 International MSc Program in Ecological Agriculture, Wageningen Agricultural University, the Netherlands.
MSc thesis in cooperation with the CEMAGREF research center, Clermont Ferrand, France: “On landscape change: Why?”
1996-2002 5-year Engineer school in Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture, Lille, France.
Ingenieur in Agriculture



Publications of Stéphanie Domptail can be downloaded here.


Discussion Group: HINASES (Human-nature INteractions in Agricultural Socio-Ecological Systems)

The HINASES discussion group, nested within the Professorship for Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Policy is led by Dr. Stéphanie Domptail. This collective is a dynamic convergence of minds, dedicated to fostering profound discussions and investigations around the central theme of Human-nature Interactions in Agricultural Socio-Ecological Systems.

In our discussion group, the term human-nature interactions describes the multiple interdependencies between socio-economic and ecological spheres of life. Our work is rooted Ecological Economics, Political Ecology, and to a lesser extent Feminist Economics. We put methodological pluralism into practice, employing a range of approaches and methods including systems analysis of socio-ecological systems, socio-metabolism, and epistemic decolonization.

Thematically, our group is involved in agroecology, the political ecology of agricultural/conservation systems, and the decolonization of agricultural and resource economics. Most of the research we do is in South America and in Africa. In this context, we attempt to investigate how farmers and institutions govern the land-use decisions. Our aim as a group is to develop and strengthen our methods of investigation of the human-nature interface and our capacity to deconstruct and construct knowledge from a political epistemology perspective to open paths of actions based on a post-Descartian understanding of humans in nature.

We meet every Tuesday 12:30 for lunch + discussion.

For more detail about the members of the group:

Jenny Fuhrmann

Dorothee Hensgens

Sakeus Kadhikwa

Charity Masole

Kyaw Shinn Thant

David Singaña

Denis Soldera

Andres Suarez

Chukwuma Ume