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Planetary Spaces: Wet Workshop

The Planetary Workshop Series is an integral part of the Planetary Scholars and Artists in Residence Program. Each semester, the visiting scholars and artists prepare a workshop of one or more days with reference to the Fellowship theme and their own focal points. The thematic orientation as well as the organizational design of the workshop are left entirely to the Fellows, and thus the Planetary Workshop Series features exciting content, creative formats, and unusual perspectives. Here you can find information on all past events of this series. 


Click here to download a PDF version of the event description. 

Download the "wet reader" to get an insight into Juan Pablo Pacheco's work (participants will receive a print version of the reader during the workshop).

A digital participation via BigBlueButton will be possible for the Planetary Lecture "Water as an Engineered Planetary Space". The link will be provided after registration at

...How can we better understand our relationship to the ocean floor, and what can it teach us about our chances for survival? Could a speculative inhabiting of the ocean floor open up new insights for the ways in which we relate with our surroundings? In order to address these questions from a coastless city like Giessen, this year’s Planetary Spaces fellow Juan Pablo Pacheco along with Bruno Alves de Almeida have come up with the idea of a wet workshop for his residency at the Panel, as an open space to expand how we relate to the multiple bodies of water within and around us. What happens when transdisciplinary conversations unfold in water, where our spatial coordinates are shuffled? Through this workshop, Pacheco will intra-act with a river, a lake, a pond, a pool, and an aquarium, through somatic reading and listening exercises and ask: how does water alter our conventional understanding of media, time, and space?

Workshop program

Thursday, November 2nd | 13:30 – 18:00 | @ Lahnfenster Hessen | Bootshausstrasse 8 |  35390 Giessen


|  Arrival & welcome at the Lahnfenster


|  Introductions, expectations, reader handout


|  English tour of the Lahnfenster  



|  Deep listening to planetary waters

|  Somatic readings & deep listening in/with/by/on the Lahn River

Friday, November 3rd | 13:30 – 19:45 | @ Ocean2100 Aquarium of JLU | Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26-32 IFZ | D-35392 Giessen | @ Hermann-Levy-Saal, Kunsthalle Gießen | Berliner Platz 1 | 35390 Giessen


|  Arrival at the Ocean2100 Aquarium


|  Meeting Dr. Patrick Schubert's research team at the Systematics & Biodiversity Lab


|  Somatic readings at Bergwerkswald and bomb crater ponds  


|  "Water as an Engineered Planetary Space", lecture by Prof. Klement Tockner  (Senckenberg Society), at Kunsthalle Gießen (hybrid event)


Saturday, November 4th | 09:00 – 17:00 | @ Badezentrum Ringallee | Ringallee 12 | 35390 Giessen | @ Schwanenteich | @ PB2 Theater | Gutenbergerstrasse 6 | 35390 Giessen


|  Arrival at the indoor swimming pool at Ringallee 12


|  Somatic readings at/in/on indoor pool


|  Walk through the Schwanenteich park  


|  Lunch provided


|  Walk to theater stage


|  Movement and deep listening with choreographer Catalina Insignares


Liquid tissues

Using the basis of sound as a frequency that vibrates into tissue, we will explore the flesh of bodies as liquid resonator. Contributing to the previous days of research with different bodies of water in Giessen guided by Juan Pablo Pacheco Bejarano, we will dwell for a few hours in the body as water and thus pay attention to the movement that lies within and moves through it. Playful imaginaries and sounding throats will be the material of this part of the workshop.


...Catalina Insignares is a Colombian choreographer and dancer based in Brussels. She’s interested in how to use the sensorial and fictional means of the body and of touch to develop ways to communicate with the invisible. Her practice includes, among others, a duet danced with a participant over a few weeks (us as a useless duet—2015), a night reading addressed to sleeping bodies (useless land—2017), and sensory practices that listen to the connections we have with the dead (landscapes of the dead – 2019; to know the vultures so well—2022). She works always in collaboration and long-term associations for choreography, dramaturgy, teaching and performance. Since 2015, she collaborates with Carolina Mendonça, maintaining close complicity in different manners of working together in: reading groups, telepathic dances, psychic vision sessions, caress and massage populate these encounters. Since 2017, she has been working with Myriam Lefkowitz as a performer as well as in a collaboration that seeks to infiltrate sensory practices in the social and political realities of exiled people (La facultad—2017). From 2019 to 2022 Catalina developed her research as part of DAS THIRD in Amsterdam. Since 2019 she is a co-curator at the Gessnerallee in Zurich, where she developed the festival El Caldo and the curatorial program Discrete.

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