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GGS Support

The GGS assists in and supports (further) scientific training of junior scientists.

To this end, there are two GGS funding lines:

1. Funding of participation in external (i.e. non-GGS) courses.

Unfortunately, the funding for external courses is currently impossible. We apologise for any inconvenience.

2. Funding of one’s own scientific event. Please read the following information.

Participation in and organisation of conferences, workshops and seminars are important constituents of one’s scientific qualification. They contribute greatly to developing networks of and for junior scientists, as well as to the visibility of research at the JLU. 

For those reasons, the GGS attributes central importance to initiatives dealing with the organisation of workshops, conferences and seminars, and supports them financially.

Members of the GGS can apply for funding of scientific events. In order to do so, please fill in the application form. Based on the funding guidelines you may check beforehand whether the event you are planning is eligible for GGS funding.