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Rough-ambient physics

Rough-ambient physics

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The ERDF-Innovation laboratory "Rough-ambient physics" bundles Giessen's core competencies in space physics, plasma research, materials science and instrumentation for subatomic physics. Their interaction is directed at exploring potential synergies in research and development, for the rapidly developing of high technologies in the fields of functional materials and space travel, electromobility and regenerative energies as well as in medicine. Therefore it opens up new, even radical innovation potentials. In the development phase of the innovation laboratory, the focus is on research and development concerning one of the key areas of the German government's High-Tech Strategy 2025: Space and Satellite Applications.

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The experimental infrastructure which is been created is initially focused on the Subject Areas identified as promising



that are of great interest to local, small and medium-sized companies as well as global industrial groups in the aerospace key-industry, but also in other high-tech sectors. For this reason, new approaches are being developed and implemented in a constellation that is unique in the university environment, based on synergy effects through the transfer of knowledge from Gießen's core competencies of different subject areas.