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Please see JLU's Vorlesungsverzeichnis/general course list or ask our study coordinator at the faculty of social sciences and cultural studies for details. You can also always contact the respective university lecturer directly.




Module Description (as an example, the course might also be chosen for other modules and for other courses of study) - please copy the module code and search in the PDF file for the respective module description

Post-Migrant City: Sociological Perspectives

03-BA SoSc-B-2

Democracy in Times of War: The Role of Education 03-BA SoSc-T-11
Interdisciplinary spring school: Basic principles for peace (Spring School Ukraine) 03-BA SoSc-T-11
Interdisciplinary spring school: Transitional justice with focus on gender and intersectionality (Spring School Ukraine) 03-BA SoSc-T-11
Transitional justice: concepts, debates and current challenges (Spring School Ukraine) Rosario.Figari-Layus 03-BA SoSc-T-11
Towards a sustainable future? Between demand, self-interests and standards in international (development) cooperation 03-BA SoSc-T-12
Legitimacy at the Margins of World Society 03-BA SoSc-T-13
Unconditional Basic Income – Theories & Practices Niklas.Ferch 03-BA SoSc-T-13
Education in Southern Africa today: priorities and challenges Ingrid.Miethe 03-MA EZW AEW HETER
Virtual International Exchange: Intercultural Communication and Inclusion in Global Educational Contexts Annika.Brueck-Huebner 03-MA Bild-IBild
Global Governance and Sustainability in Latin America Helmut.Breitmeier 03-Ma DG-B-4 (only with German module description)
Peace and Conflict Studies 03-Ma DG-B-4 (only with German module description)
Material Feminisms: Decolonizing and democratizing debates on gender, climate change, and population Christine.Loew 03-Ma DG-T-6 (only with German module description)
Property and Housing: Theory and Practice/MP-184 EN, Democracy and Postcoloniality Regina.Kreide 03-Ma DG-T-6 (only with German module description)
European Security Policy 03-Ma DG-T-7 (only with German module description)
Future and Society Joern.Ahrens 03-Ma-GKM-K-2
Sustainability, social and ecological (des-)integration and natural relations in national parks and zoological gardens Lisa.Gromala 03-Ma-GKM-K-3
Theorie der Moderne nach post- und dekolonialer Kritik / Theorizing modernity in the wake of post- and decolonial critique 03-Ma-GKM-K-3

Courses in English related to social sciences are also offered in the framework of the Master Course of Study "Transition Management", open to international students.


Module Descriptions:


English versions of all module descriptions of JLU's Faculty of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies (the language of instruction is indicated in the module description): for informative purposes only - only the latest German version is authoritative.


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