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Frequently asked questions


1. How much is the PROMOS scholarship?

A PROMOS scholarship usually consists of a monthly allowance depending on the country of your stay abroad. The lump sums are the same for all types of mobility.  Depending on the number of applicants each year, the best applications might receive a travel allowance.


2. How long can my stay be funded?

Semester abroad: 1 month to max. 4 months

Internship: 4 weeks to max. 4 months

Final thesis: 1 month to max. 4 months

Specialised courses (summer/winter school): 1 week to max. 6 weeks


3. Does the PROMOS grant also cover tuition fees?

No, the PROMOS programme does not cover tuition fees. If you go to a partner university of JLU you will not have to pay tuition fees.


4. Is it possible to apply if the stay abroad to be funded has already been completed?

No. At the time of the application deadline, the stay abroad has to be still in process.


5. What language certificates are accepted for a PROMOS application?

DAAD language certificates, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, UNicert, Cambridge, DELE, DELF, PTE. GCE A-levels (Abitur) and other proofs of language skills obtained during school are not accepted.


6. How old may the language certificate be?

Not older than 4 years.


7. What level must I achieve in the language certificate?

You do not need to achieve a certain level, but the results will be taken into account when evaluating your application.


8. How do I confirm my stay abroad?

The confirmation can be either an e-mail or a letter from the Host University or JLU confirming that you have been selected for a semester abroad.


9. Is it possible to apply for a PROMOS internship in another EU country?

No. Only internships (including PJ) in countries that are not part of the Erasmus+ programme and with a duration of 4 weeks to 4 months can be funded.


10. Is it necessary to be enrolled at the host university during the internship?

No, this is not a requirement for PROMOS funding, but you have to be enrolled at JLU for the entire period of application and the project abroad.


11. Do I have to be enrolled at a host university / host institution to write my thesis?

No, this is not a requirement for PROMOS funding; see question 10.


12. Can funding be provided for stays that are advertised for funding by other, specific DAAD programmes?

Under certain circumstances. You must always apply to the appropriate DAAD programme first, e.g. "Teaching International" or "Short Scholarships for Internships Abroad". If you are rejected from the relevant DAAD programme, your stay may be eligible for PROMOS funding. Information on other DAAD scholarship programmes can be found here: DAAD funding programmes.


13. Can conference participations be funded with PROMOS?

No. There is another DAAD programme that funds conference participations. Please contact DAAD for more information.