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Information for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses

In order to increase equal opportunities within the framework of the DAAD-PROMOs-programme, the DAAD provides additional grants for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

In order to secure an additional grant, an application for subsidy must be submitted per person and per mobility measure. As a subsidy grant, a maximum of 10,000 EUR can be provided for a period of up to six months to cover the additional expenditure (including expenditure for a possible accompanying person).

Persons with a degree of disability (GdB) of at least 50 or a chronic illness who participate in a mobility are eligible to apply for extra funding. Please get in contact with us very early, if you wish to apply. Please also note that you first have to be selected for a PROMOS-grant in order to be eligible to apply for extra funding.

Please find detailed information on mobility with a disability or chronic illness here.