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Information for professors, lecturers and instructors: Application for study trips

What does the PROMOS scholarship support?

Starting in 2025, only excursions outside of Europe/outside the Erasmus+ programme countries can be funded through PROMOS. If you are planning a stay in an Erasmus+ partner/programme country, please contact us about funding opportunities via Erasmus+ Blended Mobility at:

Study trips by groups of JLU students and/or doctoral candidates for as long as 12 days abroad. In addition, one university lecturer can be supported as an accompanying person.

The grant amounts to a daily allowance of € 45 per person.

An internal selection committee of the International Office decides on the allocation of the funds in a quality-controlled selection process. The selection committee will decide on the amount of funding for study trips depending on the quality and number of applications.

The PROMOS programme supports, among other things, the expansion and further development of existing cooperations. For this reason, study trips to partner universities and the involvement of partner institutions are given special consideration.

Who can submit an application for funding?

University professors and scientific staff of JLU are eligible to apply for funding. Applications by retired university teachers can only be funded in exceptional cases and for a maximum of two years after retirement.


The following criteria will be considered:

  • Imparting subject-related knowledge
  • Integration into the curriculum (technical preparation and follow-up of the excursion)
  • Academic achievements and performance of the students on site
  • Recognition of activities within the curriculum
  • Intercultural preparation and follow-up of the study trip
  • Opportunity to meet students and scientists on site
  • Intensification or consolidation of existing cooperations or initiation of new cooperations
  • Use of sustainable options in terms of transportation (arrival and departure or on-site transportation), accommodation, etc.
  • Acquisition of further funds for the implementation of the excursion (e.g.: QSL)


Application documents:

  • Form
  • Detailed description of the study trip, including timetable and presentation of the content-related and cultural preparation and follow-up of the study trip (1-3 pages)
  • List of participants
  • List of accompanying persons
  • Financing plan with an overview of planned expenses and additionally acquired financial resources (department, QSL etc.)

Please submit the complete application digitally, as a single PDF file only during the above-mentioned application period and by the deadline. Please send your application to: