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Mail, Telephone, Internet

We want you to be able to communicate without problems during your stay in Giessen - with colleagues, students, and your family abroad! 

Telephone and Internet:


Ask your landlord for the type of connection of your accommodation. Sometimes the correct connection for telephone and internet has to be activated. Flat rates for telephone and (wireless) internet access range from around € 25 to € 55 per month. 
Your university account ensures that you have internet access at all work stations of JLU (at the university libraries, IT service centre, offices, etc.). Your contact person at JLU can help you to get a JLU account as soon as possible. 

Mobile Phone:


It is generally quite expensive to make international calls from mobile phones. Please contact your provider for details. You will find all major mobile phone companies in Giessen. 

Country Calling Codes:

Check the following web pages for all international country calling codes:
The international calling code for Germany is 0049 or +49.



An updated price list for national and international letters can be found on
Prices for parcels vary according to weight and destination. Insured parcels between 5 and 20 kg cost between € 17 and € 82. Check for details. The main post office is located in Bahnhofstrasse near the main train station (Bahnhofstrasse 82-86). Another main post office is located in the city centre in Neuen Bäue 2, between Berliner Platz and Marktplatz.