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StW - Academic Infrastructure

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As a cross-sectional organizational unit, the Staff Division for Academic Infrastructure (StW) is the point of contact for ongoing structural development of all infrastructure units used for scientific purposes.
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Digital Transformation Office (BfD) 🚀
The Digital Transformation Office (BfD) supports the objectives of JLU Giessen and implements them in terms of digitally supported processes, practices, and improvements. BfD employees are jointly responsible for the strategic orientation of the university's digital transformation.
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Giessen University Collections
Giessen University houses a large number of collections of different fields and subjects. As important components of research and teaching, they represent scientific interests and academic traditions. In this way, they also serve as outreach activities to the public beyond the university and act as places of living knowledge.
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Research Infrastructure
'Research Infrastructure' refers to facilities, resources, and related services that scientists use to conduct research in their respective fields. According to the Council of Science and Humanities, research infrastructure is divided into four categories.
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Digital Transformation Strategy
On July 5, 2023, Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU) adopted the Digital Transformation Strategy JLU 2030. This is dedicated to three activities: Research, Teaching, and IT Governance, IT Infrastructure, and Administration. For each activity, it defines strategic goals, subgoals, and indicators to digitally transform the university by 2030.
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IT Governance and Security Strategy
Justus Liebig University Giessen strategically developed two fields of action, IT governance and IT security, as part of an externally evaluated process. The main results are summarized in the IT Governance and Security Strategy.
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