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Digital Transformation Office (BfD) 🚀

About BfD
The Digital Transformation Office (BfD) supports the objectives of JLU Giessen and implements them in terms of digitally supported processes, practices, and improvements. BfD employees are jointly responsible for the strategic orientation of the university's digital transformation.
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Current Events
Digital sick slip—sick days are now only displayed online.
The Human Resources Department, with support from the Digital Transformation Office (BfD), is implementing the Electronic Sick Slip (EAU) project.
Digital Day 2023
As part of the 4th nationwide Digital Day on June 16, 2023, JLU put together a diverse program that invited all JLU members and anyone interested in learning about the digital side of JLU. This Digital Transformation Office-coordinated, wide-ranging program offered numerous opportunities to experience the digital university both online and on site.
Changing the direct debit process in AHS to online direct debit
Fee-based courses in the General University Sports program (AHS) can now be paid for without paper using online direct debit.
MyJLU—the new app for JLU students
MyJLU combines central platforms and information relevant to studies in a user-friendly application.
Order from Data Chaos: JLU's Digital Cleanup
In the course of a work year, electronic documents, files, and e-mails accumulate in a variety of ways. However, employees often neglect to organize, file, and protect stored data. To help them structure their digital files and get a feel for the support needs within the university, the Digital Transformation Office (BfD) organized an event, Digital Spring Cleaning, on the first day of spring: March 20, 2023.
Who is in the Digital Transformation Office?
A brief portrait of the employees of the Digital Transformation Office (BfD)
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Projects in the Hessian Digital Pact
Hessen's institutes of higher learning and its Ministry of Science and the Arts, as well as the Minister of Digital Strategy and Development, have established a pact to digitally transform institutes of higher learning, the Digital Pact of Hessian Universities, in order to strengthen Hessen as a center for academia.
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All BfD points of contact can be found in the organization chart.

Office Address
University Main Building
1st Floor, Rooms 130, 131, 132
Ludwigstrasse 23
35390 Giessen