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Microsoft Office 365 Education / Teams (A1)

Collaborative Working on Office Documents, Group Work, Chat/Video Chat, File Sharing



Using Microsoft Office 365 Education, you can work on Office documents (such as Word, PowerPoint, or Excel files) online, not just by yourself, but also with a team. The application "Teams" is included in Microsoft Office 365 and offers a chat, a function for video conferences, and file sharing. This allows for a good combination of synchronous and asynchronous communication. A Teams app is also available for mobile devices.

Number of members in one Team* 10.000
Number of people in a meeting with video 300
Max. number of people visible at the same time in a meeting with video 49 (7x7 grid view)
Number of channels (breakout rooms) per Team 200 (incl. deleted channels)
Number of private channels per Team 30
Number of members in a private channel 250

* ”Team” here refers not to the video meeting itself, but rather the form of organization of the Team itself, the members of which can then use for example the chat function together. 

Status: September 2020

This information, as it is compiled Microsoft documentation is not always unambiguous. Furthermore, Microsoft reserves the right to change and adjust parameters. At this point in time, we assume that these numbers are reliable for the winter term 2020/21.



September 2020: Organizers of meetings can now download an attendance list (CSV format). You can find this option during a meeting, above the dropped-down list of participants beneath the three dots.


Use of Microsoft Office 365 Education at the JLU

The use of Microsoft Office 365 Education is free of charge (Option Office A1.) However, this application is only available in Evaluation Mode. 


Please take note of the following information when registering:

1. Sign up with your e-mail address, which must be structured as follows: 
(i.e. or

Before the @ symbol should NOT be your name, but your HRZ username (“s-“ or “g-user ID”).
After the @ symbol should NOT be "", but only "" 

2. During the registration you will be asked whether you are a pupil/student or a teacher. 

Students should enter “pupil/student.”
Teaching staff should enter “teacher.” 

3. The Registration WebsiteMicrosoft Teams Registration

You will then receive an e-mail from Microsoft that contains a confirmation code. If you do not receive the confirmation code within a few minutes, you should make another attempt at registration at a later date.


Once you have received the confirmation code, enter it into the registration form. You should not tick the box pertaining to the sharing of your data with a third party or the information on Microsoft products. You should also not fill out the invitation form for other persons.


Please note that the following applications are not available due to incompatibility with central JLU services:

  • Outlook/Exchange
  • SharePoint



Links: Instructions and Guides

Microsoft regularly releases Office 365/Teams expansions and adjusts its functions accordingly. We will offer updated instructions before the start of the new term.

The following manuals offer instructions on how to register and create a course/a Team. It is also explained how to manage participants and invite them via Team code. Other topics include the use of screensharing, PowerPoint, and the creation of breakout rooms:


Flagge UKMicrosoft Teams for Students and Lecturers (02.11.2020)


Flagge UKGeneral technical problems and solutions (audio/video) at web conferences