Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Möglichkeiten zur Unterstützung der Theoriebildung in der Politikwissenschaft durch das TOSCANA-System: Politische Steuerung technikinduzierter Problemstellungen

Project Leaders: Prof. Dr. Helmut Breitmeier, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Wille

Status: Completed

One way to analyze correlation between variables included in the IRD is the use of a TOSCANA-system which has been developed by the research team in collaboration with Prof. Rudolf Wille and Tim Kaiser from the Department of Mathematics at Darmstadt University of Technology. The idea of a TOSCANA-system is a result of long experience in data analysis using concept lattices for deeper understanding and proper communication of data. The usage of conceptual scaling combined with computational support yields a powerful analysis tool. The software links the scales from the conceptual file to the database enabling thereby the user of the system to explore the conceptual structure of the data by displaying line diagrams of concept lattices of pieces of the data.

The Database can be downloaded here:

International Regime Database