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News 2014

Most downloaded application - now available as film!

This film was created in our laboratory in cooperation with CAMAG. Being just some months in our group, PhD candidate Simone Kirchert performed the analysis workflow. She did it very well, although the disposable gloves were too large for her small-sized hands! The development of an effective method for analysis of steviol glycosides was published in Journal of Chromatography and as a short application note.


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November 2014


We are proud to announce that two of our CHROMarts were selected as cover of Colin Poole's latest book!

Ergebnisse der Forschung zieren auf Großleinwand gedruckt die Räume der Professur und wecken das Interesse von auswärtigen Besuchern und Gästen... mehr unter CHROMart.




Knowledge is power

Was enthält unsere Nahrung wirklich?


International Symposium on Thin-Layer Chromatography

Together with Pierre Bernard-Savary, France, and Colin Poole, USA, we organized this international symposium in Lyon! The JLU Giessen was thanked many times for hosting guest researcher presenting their latest research.

First announcement for Lyon 02. - 04. July 2014
Symposium Hompage Berlin 2014
Book of abstracts
Reviews on the symposium:
- CBS 113 (2014) Y4
- GDCh Fachgruppe Analytische Chemie Mitteilungsblatt 4 (2014) 21
Journal of Planar Chromatography 27 (2014) 327


Trend barometer: taking the underground to the airport
Hyphenations in HPTLC – the potential for efficient analysis