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The ones we do not know we do not know...

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Lehre bundesweit 

Unsere drei Module zum Qualitätsmanagment in der Lebensmittelindustrie, HACCP und Audits werden auch von externen Studierenden besucht....
Hier die Gruppe aus Würzburg

Vielstoffgemische – Potential oder Stolperstein?

Sommer-Symposium in der WALA, Bad Boll, Germany

Sweeten your life 

A short impression on talks at the WSO conference in Amsterdam - worth to join!
An opportunity out of 21 lectures held outside this year...
Exchanging talks at the Balaton symposium and next one in Rostock...


Die Lähmung der Forscher

Kernprobleme heute nur neu verpackt...

"Bei der Eroberung des Weltraums sind zwei Probleme zu lösen: die Schwerkraft und der Papierkrieg. Mit der Schwerkraft wären wir fertig geworden."
Wernher von Braun (1912-1977)

What does academic science mean?

  1. Definitely, not routine! Instead, we develop new ideas/methods/techniques - we think differently!
  2. We freely create new knowledge in an academic network.
  3. We communicate the knowledge at international congresses, in scientific contributions and to students.
  4. We transfer and translate our new knowledge to many project partners.
  5. We create independent opinions to be spread in society!

Meanwhile, we made around 900 scientific contributions to give HPTLC a voice among the powerful mainstream separation techniques. At JLU Giessen, meanwhile we inspired more than a hundred guest researchers from over 25 countries in the potential of HPTLC, do spread it to 1800 multiplicators/students a year and thus have many requests. We have many projects with other academic groups and industries. We were always independent, honest and non-profit in our interests and we will stay so, as it is our fundamental task as a scientist at academia. We solve severe challenges and advise industries with our well-meant reflections which is highly treasured! But what if a critical academic voice is not welcome?

ChromArt - always with pleasure!

Even if science does not work out, you get something beautiful. Is it the eye´s iris & pupil... or was it the analysis of wine? If you click on the image, you will find the answer. If you like to have a large copy of the ChromART image for your wall, feel free to contact us. We have it on our laboratory wall - it looks beautiful!

We can also do such planar chromatographic "separations":

Or this - passion is the key!

 Can one eat HPTLC?

...cake prepared by Lena Drotleff

VDI-Preis 2018

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an M.Sc. Eileen Zobus. Sie hat den VDI-Preis 2018 gewonnen für ihre Masterarbeit zu Untersuchungen über die Kaltextraktion von Kaffee - als Grundlage eines neuen Produktes eines Berliner Start ups. Sie führte Experimente im Technikum der Hochschule Geisenheim University in Kooperation mit Prof. Dr. Mark Strobl durch. Die Proben wurden mit der Wirkungsbezogenen Analytik bei uns an der Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen untersucht!

Eileen Zobus und Prof. Dr. Strobl

Gerd  Weyrauther (VDI Bezirksverein Rheingau, Mitglied des Vorstands), Eileen Zobus (FH Geisenheim University & JLU Gießen), Denise Schwalbach (HS RheinMain Rüsselsheim), Tim Rahn (TH Bingen), Yannick Braun (HS Mainz), Michael Ludwig (Vorsitzender VDI)

Guests on earth

Siegfried was a pioneer in the development of HPTLC software, a charismatic mathematician, albeit a pharmacist, and a strong advocate of HPTLC. But he also loved his hobby, N model railroading, and had a large collection that he donated to the museum in Nuremberg. He loved peaks, even in real life (hiking and mountains). His lectures were special, and he was very entertaining at symposium dinners. Here is an institutional orbituary. He will always be remembered.


Papers publizieren wir schon!

"Die Initiative Pro Recyclingpapier sucht erneut die recyclingpapierfreundlichsten Hochschulen Deutschlands. Hochschulen mit über 5.000 Studierenden sind bis zum 31. März 2019 zum vierten Mal aufgerufen, ihren Papierverbrauch und ihre Recyclingpapierquoten transparent zu machen."

Von Anfang an ... bis hin zur Visitenkarte bin ich papierlos!
Wenn alle mitmachen, könnte die JLU Vorbild sein.

Interview on radio

The radio channel hr iNFO reported how the field of nutritional science did start in Germany about 60 years ago. In Germany, the first Institute of Nutritional Science was established in Giessen and from there spread over Germany. After the impressive history, the presence was spotlighted. In the laboratory interwiew, our research on effect-directed analysis was covered for the last 5 min (19:40-24:10 min, podcast 8.2.2019: A. Sieb, R. Dieckmann: Die Erfindung der Ernährungsforschung). Listen here (in German)