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31.05.2024 – SDGnexus Network: May Highlights
03.05.2024 - Call for Abstracts: Water Security and Climate Change Conference 2024
03.05.2024 – SDGnexus Network: April Highlights
27.03.2024 – SDGnexus Network: March Highlights
07.03.2024 - Just published: Rainfall variability and labor allocation in Uzbekistan: the role of women’s empowerment
15.02.2024 - Just published: Reading between the lines: The intersection of research attention and sustainable development goals
15.01.2024 - Just published: A Bibliometric Analysis of Trends in the Relationship between Innovation and Food
22.12.2023 - SDGnexus Network Newsletter 2023
21.12.2023 - SDGnexus Network's November - December 2023 Highlights
29.11.2023 - Water Security and Climate Change Conference 2023 - Coping with extremes: Impacts & Innovation for Adaption
10.11.2023 - Water Security and Climate Change Conference 2023: the program is online
31.10.2023 – Bridging gaps and knowledge exchange across borders: SDGnexus Network's October 2023 highlights
27.10.2023 - SDGnexus Network offers research-based modules for winter semester 2023/2024 at JLU Giessen
29.09.2023 - Empowering Sustainable Development: SDGnexus Network's Engagements in September
22.09.2023 - Just published: United in Science 2023 Sustainable Development edition
15.09.2023 - Dr. Aliya Assubayeva was awarded the JLU Early Career Researcher Grant for Water Security Study in South America
04.09.2023 - SDGnexus Network participated in the International Summer School on Sustainability Assessment in Central Asia
21.08.2023 - Just published: A Critical Perspective on the Complex Nexus of Climate Change and Energy Transition
04.08.2023 - Call for Mentors: SDGnexus Network Launches "Women in Science Mentoring Program" to Empower Female Scientists
02.08.2023 - Abstract Submission Deadline Extended: Water Security and Climate Change Conference 2023
20.07.2023 - Seminar on Transboundary Catchment Ecosystem Assessment is Available on YouTube
30.06.2023 - SDGnexus Network hosted session on SDG Trade-offs and Synergies at SDSN Kazakhstan Conference
23.06.2023 - Just published: Review of uncertainties in water security decision-making in Central Asia
01.06.2023 - Call for Abstracts: Water Security and Climate Change Conference 2023
01.06.2023 - Dr. Iskandar Abdullaev joins SDGnexus Network as a Guest Professor based at Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany
12.05.2023 - SDGnexus Network at EGU General Assembly 2023: Addressing Sustainability Challenges
27.03.2023 - Just published: Energy Efficiency, Market Competition, and Quality Certification: Lessons from Central Asia
22.03.2023 - Pilot Mentoring Program for Women Scientists (Programa Piloto de Mentoría para Mujeres Científicas - PROMEMCI)
23.02.2023 - Communicating your research
13.02.2023 - Application of Input-Output model to assess SDG-Spillover effects