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Legal English

Why Legal English?

English is the lingua franca of global communication, and the legal profession is no exception. For those planning a legal career in an international setting, English is an essential tool.

The English you learn at school is an important foundation, but it is by no means sufficient for professional purposes. Legal English, i.e. the English used in law, has its own specialist vocabulary and characteristics in terms of style, usage and communicative aims. To master legal English, you need special training.


What is the Legal English Module?

This three-semester programme is offered by the ZfbK – Sprachen & Kulturen in cooperation with the Law Faculty for JLU’s law students. The module consists of the following components:





Legal English Fundamentals

SoSe 2024,
2 x 90 min per week  

presentation, end-of-term test

Legal English:
Advanced Written and Oral Skills I


WS 2024/25,
2 x 90 min per week 


Legal English:
Advanced Written and Oral Skills II


SS 2025
2 x 90 min per week 

UNIcert® Legal English exam


What can I learn in the Legal English Module?

The module is for students who are planning to study law abroad, to do an internship or pursue a legal career in an English-speaking country/international environment. It equips them with the necessary means to communicate successfully at university and/or work.


By the end of the module you will be able to …

  • understand a wide range of legal documents and texts
  • understand lectures, presentations, discussions and interviews on a variety of legal topics
  • present an argument coherently and convincingly, both in written and oral form (essay, debate, mock trial)
  • hold presentations on legal topics
  • write a wide range of texts including legal correspondence, case briefs and case analyses
  • explain legal matters to clients in plain language 
  • prepare a CV and covering letter for a job or internship application


You will also acquire …

  • an extensive legal English vocabulary pertaining to various areas of law (e.g. contract law, criminal law, public international law, human rights law)
  • an in-depth understanding of language structures as they are used in a legal context
  • an insight into the common law system and the work of legal professionals in an English-speaking/international environment
  • confidence in using English in a professional context


Who can participate?

The module is open to  JLU law students starting their second or third semester in the 2024 summer semester. Subject to availability, other law students can also participate. The maximum number of students is 25.


What level of English do I need?

The Legal English Module takes you from level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (upper-intermediate) to level C1 (advanced), so the minimum level required to start the module is B2. In order to confirm the appropriate level of English required for the programme, you must first pass an entrance test. The entrance test will take place in the week of 18 March 2024 (exact details to be announced at the beginning of March 2024).


What will I receive at the end of the module?

After attending all courses and passing the UNIcert® Legal English exam, you will receive a certificate confirming that you have successfully completed the Legal English Module and detailing your level of English as well as your exam results. This certificate will be a valuable asset when you apply for a job, an internship or a semester abroad.


How much do the courses cost?

The courses are free of charge. The UNIcert® Legal English exam costs €40.


How can I register?

You can register for the entrance test here. You will receive further information about the test in early March. The deadline for test registration is 3 March 2024. Successful candidates will be able to enrol in the Legal English Module after the entrance test.


When will the course take place?

SoSe 2024: proabably Mon + Thu 12-14 (subject to change; to be confirmed in March 2024)



If you have any questions about the Legal English Module, please contact:

Judit Kepecs
Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen
ZfbK - Abteilung Sprachen & Kulturen
Leihgesterner Weg 52
35392 Giessen 

0641 99-18032