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Faculty of Business Administration and Economics

faculty of business studies and economics

Classes taught in English:


Please see JLU's Vorlesungsverzeichnis/general course list or ask the service center of our faculty of business administration and economics for details. You can also always contact the respective university lecturer directly.


Click here for the ECTS Information Package of our Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. It offers detailed course descriptions and a list of all courses offered at the department. The language of instruction is indicated. Please note:

  • Courses marked “German/English”: it is possible to write your term paper in English and literature is available in English.
  • All courses in Business English and Management Communication by Thomas Wagner are taught in English
Courses in English related to business studies/economics are also offered in the framework of the Master Course of Study "Transition Management" (open to international students).


Module Descriptions:


English version of all module descriptions of JLU's Faculty of Business Adminstration and Economics (the language of instruction is indicated in the module description): for informative purposes only - only the latest German version is authoritative.