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Faculty of History and Cultural Studies

faculty of history and cultural studies

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Please see JLU's Vorlesungsverzeichnis/general course list or ask the study coordinator of our faculty of history and cultural studies for details. You can also always contact the respective university lecturer directly.




Module Description (as an example, the course might also be chosen for other modules and for other courses of study) - please copy the module code and search in the PDF file for the respective module description

Building the State - Bureaucracy in early modernity  

Bennet Roßwag M.A. 04-Geschichte-BA-05
Digital Dictatorships, Digital Resistance: New Practices of Oppression and Subversion in Eastern Europe and in the Global South  Dr. Tatsiana Astrouskaya 04-Geschichte-BA-07
Russia as a multi-ethnic empire, 1500-1900  Dr. Gleb Kazakov 04-Geschichte-BA-13
The Mediterranean in the Early Modern Period - Das Mittelmeer in der Frühen Neuzeit 

Prof. Dr. Nicole Immig

History of the Cold War: The Non-Aligned Movement 

Sabine Rutar

History of Photography and the Balkans - Geschichte der Fotografie und der Balkanraum 

Prof. Dr. Nicole Immig

Values, Science, Democracy. Friends Summer Seminar mit Heather Douglas 

Daniel Thomas Füger

Byzantine Art 

Dr. Antje Bosselmann-Ruickbie

Residenz und Landschaft. The Castle and the Landscape

Prof. Dr. Markus Späth



Module Descriptions:


English versions of all module descriptions of JLU's Faculty of History and Cultural Studies (the language of instruction is indicated in the module description): for informative purposes only - only the latest German version is authoritative.


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