Inhaltspezifische Aktionen


Ice Arena Bad Nauheim

02.12.2016 von 16:00 bis 20:00 Ice Arena Bad Nauheim,
Don't let the grimy winter weather drag you down and join us to the Ice Arena in Bad Nauheim! It’s time to go for a spin on your ice skates and to show your skills on ice!

Christmas Market Marburg

09.12.2016 von 15:30 bis 20:00 Meeting point: Train station Giessen (infront of McDonalds),
During Advent there's a light burning in Marburg. Mulled wine, punch and co. make us feel so wonderful. There are sundries you can marvel, in a festive atmosphere we should travel.

Guided Tour through the Licher Brewery

16.03.2017 von 14:00 bis 18:00 Wo: Licher Brauerei,
Licher Beer - For more than 20 years the most popular beer in Hesse. Join us to the Licher Brewery and learn everything about the „liquid gold“.

Trip to the Zoo Frankfurt

25.03.2017 von 10:30 bis 16:00 Meeting point: Giessen Trainstation,
We will spend a relaxed day at the Zoo Frankfurt together. Afterwards, if desired, we can explore the city. Time of returning to Giessen is flexible.

Buddy-Programm: Besuch des "Mathematikums"

07.12.2016 von 13:30 bis 16:00 Treffpunkt: Rathaus Berliner Platz/ Town Hall Berliner Platz,
Das Mathematikum in Gießen ist das erste mathematische Mitmach-Museum der Welt. Stunning puzzles, giant soap bubbles, deceiving mirrors, mysterious bridges and more.

Buddy-Programm: Besuch des Liebig-Museums

19.12.2016 von 14:00 bis 16:00 Treffpunkt: Rathaus Berliner Platz 13:30 Uhr/ Meeting Point: Town Hall Berliner Platz 13:30h,
Eines der berühmtesten Chemiemuseen der Welt, das dem Chemiker Justus Liebig gewidmet ist! Join us and spend an exciting afternoon in one of the world's most famous chemistry museum, dedicated to the chemist Justus Liebig!

Buddy-Programm: Exkursion nach Frankfurt

06.03.2017 von 11:45 bis 19:30 Treffpunkt: Gutenbergstraße 6 11:45 Uhr/ Meeting Point: Gutenbergstraße 6 11.45 a.m.,
Besucht mit uns die Mainmetropole Frankfurt! Let's visit Frankfurt (Mainhattan) with us!

Excursion to the Licher Brewery

07.11.2018 von 17:00 bis 21:45 Lich/Hessen,
Join us on a guided brewery tour to the Licher Brauerei. We will learn about the manufacturing of this popular Hessian beer and have a beer tasting with snacks following the tour!