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Workshop Series: Academic Writing in a Nutshell for International Exchange Students


03.06.2024 von 18:00 bis 20:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)



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We are excited to announce an upcoming workshop series focused on improving your academic writing skills, specifically geared towards creating outstanding papers. Whether you are an undergraduate student looking to enhance your essay-writing skills or a graduate student aiming to refine your research abilities, this workshop is designed to provide you with valuable insights and practical tips.

The Sessions will start at 6.00 pm CET via Zoom.
The workshops can be attended independently of each other.
Participation is free of charge and without registration.


When?  What? Where?
03.06,24, 18:00  Qualities of Good Papers Join the workshop via: Zoom
17.06.24, 18:00 Using Sources Join the workshop via: Zoom
01.07.24, 18:00 Research Questions Join the workshop via: Zoom


Session 1: Qualities of Good Papers

Join us for a quick session on academic writing in which we will explore the characteristic features that define good student papers in higher education. Discuss the scientific and scholarly requirements essential for student research papers and uncover the criteria that distinguish work of high quality. Do not miss this opportunity to also learn about a strategic approach to planning your paper for optimal results!

Session 2: Using Sources in Your Paper

Join us for a quick session on academic writing in which we will focus on the scholarliness of sources and the importance of using sources in your term paper. Discover effective strategies for incorporating sources into your writing and learn how to properly reference them in your text. Gain valuable insights into avoiding plagiarism and maintaining academic integrity. Do not miss out on this essential beginner’s guide to mastering academic citations and sourcing!

Session 3: Research Questions

Join us for a quick session on academic writing in which we will explore the significance of a well-crafted research question for your term paper. Familiarize yourself with what makes a research question effective and discover key characteristics of a good research question through practical examples. Do not miss this opportunity to learn about compelling research questions that drive your term paper forward!


About the lecturer:

Regina Leonie Schmidt studied English/American Studies, German Studies, Sociology and Philosophy at TU Dortmund, the University of Stirling, UK, the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and JLU Giessen. After completing her master's degree, she began researching and teaching as a research assistant in Literary and Cultural studies at the Institute of English Studies at JLU Giessen in 2013.

She started working at the ZfbK in 2018, initially as a research assistant in the Writing Center of the BMBF project "Entry with Succes". Since 2021 she has been primarily responsible for the area of scientific writing in German and English in the department of Key Competences, teaching interdisciplinary writing courses and subject-specific co-teaching in English and German. Additionally, she is the head of the individual writing advisory service, trains writing consults, and offers writing didactics training for lecturers, while conducting reserach in writing sciences and writing didactics.