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Next Level Networking: LinkedIn & Xing


30.04.2024 von 16:00 bis 19:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)


Online via BigBlueButton

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With millions of users, LinkedIn and Xing are a lot more than just glorified online resume platforms – they are integral components of business networking across the globe.

This workshop will dive deep into what your profile should include (and what it shouldn’t!); how to use keywords to your advantage; how to craft a unique summary; and how to grow and maintain your network.

We will focus on the wide range of active and passive job search techniques that can be utilized on the platform. Growing and maintaining a network goes beyond simply crafting a new profile, though! We will also discuss networking strategy, philosophy, and approaches that will help you feel less icky about reaching out to people. 

What We Will Cover:

  • What the platforms can be used for and how they function
  • What it means to have an optimized profile and how to create one
  • What your profile should (not) include
  • How recruiters use the platform and what they look for in a profile
  • How to communicate with recruiters, attract contacts and network
  • Tools and techniques for utilizing the platform in your passive, active, domestic and international internship or job search
  • How to leverage industry and company research on the platform
  • How to put all of the platform features to use

Students are offered the possibility to send the lecturer their profile summaries for the platforms prior to the workshop. 2-3 summaries will be taken as examples and be discussed.



Jessica Schüller, MBA, is a career coach, trainer, and international educator focused on Germany and Europe. She's been teaching workshops on how to use professional social media platforms for over 10 years, and she loves helping students discover the role that the effective use of these services can play in their careers. She's the founder of Germany Career Coach, which serves thousands of international students every year at 40+ universities and educational organizations across the globe.

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