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JustInternational – Meet Justus and Get Together

The ultimate get-together! Meet other international students and students of JLU


22.07.2020 von 19:30 bis 20:30 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)


International and German students of JLU, prospective students of JLU

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You are an international student at JLU or already planning a stay at JLU? Or you are still thinking about it? 
Every Wednesday at 7.30 pm we will get together and meet online to chat, exchange ideas and play some games. So you can meet new people and find new friends even if you cannot go out and before you even start your stay at JLU. This event is also open for Internationals who are already here and other JLU Students. We hope to see you online! 


Meeting Information 

Meeting number: 323 400 263 

Password: 64npDyVMyh9 

This event is organised by the students assistants of the International Office. 

Contact details for international students:  

Contact details for international doctoral students: